Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Decoupage 101

Yep... 101... 

And I say that because the most I ever do with mod podge is... 
Well, now that I think about it~ nothing!!

As promised, a tutorial on how to decoupage on wood.  As you see, I have used the wood block that I did the wood transfer on.  so..... here ya go!


*  Wood block (or canvas)
NOTE:  I used a 8X8X2 board I had them cut at Lowes so that I could sit it on my mantle.
*  Mod Podge
*  Foam brush 
*  Scrapbook paper of choice (I chose 5 different designs of coordinated papers)
*  Skeleton Key
*  Twine
*  Liquitex (optional) to give a clear protective coat to your work/Glossy Mod Podge works for this step)
*  Glue gun (not pictured)

STEP 1:  tear (or cut) your scrapbook papers and lay them out in a design that you want to use for your project.

For a clean look, I recommend tearing your strips long enough to cover the side and about a 1/4" area on the back of your board (pictured below)

See how the paper wraps around the side and back? Another option is painting the sides. If you use a canvas for this project, you can frame your finished work for hanging!

STEP 2:  Once you have decided on a pattern, spread a layer of glue onto your project

STEP 3:  Lay the first layer of paper onto your wood/canvas and apply a layer of glue (modge podge) on top of the paper.  If you did not paint your sides of your wood/canvas, make sure to cover the sides for a clean continuous look.

Use your fingers or a rolling tool to lay the paper flat.  I rippled the paper a little to give some texture to my work.

STEP 4:  Continue to glue and layer your papers until you are satisfied with your design.

STEP 5:  Once you are happy with your design, add a layer of glue to cover the whole project.

STEP 6:  Cut two pieces of twine, long enough to wrap around your wood/canvas and tie into a bow.  Unfortunately, I did not measure the length of my 8x8x2 wood board so i can not provide you with an estimated length... 

STEP 7:  Wrap your twine to the front of the board, make the first loop, slide on your key, then make your bow.

STEP 8:  When your key and bow are arranged just the way you like, add a dab of glue from your glue gun to the underside of the bow to hold it in place (optional)

STEP 9:  If you used canvas for this project, it can be hung on your wall with no special hangers.

If you used a wood block (any size) I would recommend you use a picture hanger to hang your work on the wall.  

If your project has a 2" border, it can sit on a table, mantle or desk!!

Have fun and try this craft before wine is added!! (if you are up to it...)  Good luck and have fun!!!


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