Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Anatomy of a diaper cake


The anatomy of MY diaper cake. 

Why do I put it that way? Because each diaper cake designer (yes I said Diaper Cake Designer) has her/his own way of constructing a basket for the recipient to remember!

This cake is constructed in 3 tiers. 

Items used to construct this gift include:

47 diapers rolled and banded together with clear rubber bands
poster board
2 baby blankets
3 Onsies
1 tub of baby wipes
sample sized bottles of baby soap/lotions
1 (or more) yards of satin blue fabric
1/2 yard of sheer blue fabric
choice of flowers (I chose blue ones)
1 ceramic bear (this is a bank)
silver cake doilies in 3 different sizes (cardboard style)
Glue gun

Before starting my gift basket, I roll all of the diapers and cut the poster board in strips the width of the diapers. Then I form the circumference of each tier using my poster board and taping the edges, once my prep is complete I start on the bottom tier.

Each tier should be placed on the cardboard doily to give support on the bottom.

Tier 1 holds all of the weight to help anchor the diaper cake.  I placed the wipes in the center and then added about 23 (or more) diapers around the container. Add in a few of the travel size bottles of soap and lotion.  Shape and wrap with the poster board, cut a circle to place on the top to finish off the first tier.

Tier 2 contains two baby blankets (rolled), 13 diapers, travel size baby soap/lotion/powder, nose aspirator, and nail clippers.  Cut a circle to place over the top of this tier.

Tier 3 contains 12 diapers and 3 onsies.  Cut a circle to place over the top of this tier.  This is where your bear will sit on top of the cake.

Picture 4 shows each of the tiers stuffed with diapers, wrapped with the blue satin fabric.

Picture 4 shows each of the tiers laid out waiting to be stacked.  Using your glue gun, place a dab of glue on top of each circle (that was placed on top of the tier) then place the middle tier on top of the bottom.  do the same for the top tier.

Once all of the tiers are stacked.  I added ribbon of choice around each tier (using my glue gun) and then draped the flowers in a flowing pattern from top to bottom.  This cake was completed by adding the bear to the top.

and THAT!

is the anatomy of MY diaper cake design. 

I apologize for not having a complete set of pictures to show each step, but I was in complete design mode when I started this cake only to want to kick myself later for not documenting the steps for constructing such a beautiful design...

oh, next time..

Please! comment, ask questions, let me know your thoughts!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Decoupage 101

Yep... 101... 

And I say that because the most I ever do with mod podge is... 
Well, now that I think about it~ nothing!!

As promised, a tutorial on how to decoupage on wood.  As you see, I have used the wood block that I did the wood transfer on.  so..... here ya go!


*  Wood block (or canvas)
NOTE:  I used a 8X8X2 board I had them cut at Lowes so that I could sit it on my mantle.
*  Mod Podge
*  Foam brush 
*  Scrapbook paper of choice (I chose 5 different designs of coordinated papers)
*  Skeleton Key
*  Twine
*  Liquitex (optional) to give a clear protective coat to your work/Glossy Mod Podge works for this step)
*  Glue gun (not pictured)

STEP 1:  tear (or cut) your scrapbook papers and lay them out in a design that you want to use for your project.

For a clean look, I recommend tearing your strips long enough to cover the side and about a 1/4" area on the back of your board (pictured below)

See how the paper wraps around the side and back? Another option is painting the sides. If you use a canvas for this project, you can frame your finished work for hanging!

STEP 2:  Once you have decided on a pattern, spread a layer of glue onto your project

STEP 3:  Lay the first layer of paper onto your wood/canvas and apply a layer of glue (modge podge) on top of the paper.  If you did not paint your sides of your wood/canvas, make sure to cover the sides for a clean continuous look.

Use your fingers or a rolling tool to lay the paper flat.  I rippled the paper a little to give some texture to my work.

STEP 4:  Continue to glue and layer your papers until you are satisfied with your design.

STEP 5:  Once you are happy with your design, add a layer of glue to cover the whole project.

STEP 6:  Cut two pieces of twine, long enough to wrap around your wood/canvas and tie into a bow.  Unfortunately, I did not measure the length of my 8x8x2 wood board so i can not provide you with an estimated length... 

STEP 7:  Wrap your twine to the front of the board, make the first loop, slide on your key, then make your bow.

STEP 8:  When your key and bow are arranged just the way you like, add a dab of glue from your glue gun to the underside of the bow to hold it in place (optional)

STEP 9:  If you used canvas for this project, it can be hung on your wall with no special hangers.

If you used a wood block (any size) I would recommend you use a picture hanger to hang your work on the wall.  

If your project has a 2" border, it can sit on a table, mantle or desk!!

Have fun and try this craft before wine is added!! (if you are up to it...)  Good luck and have fun!!!