Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wine Bottle Crafts with Epsom Salt


You read that right!
Epsom Salt!!

These are more of the 60 oz saki bottles that have collected on my fireplace over the last several Sundays.

for this easy craft I started by removing the labels using a technique I found online (that works!!)

The supplies needed include:

Rust-oleum flat white primer ($3.75)
Wine (or in my case sake bottles) free
Epsom Salt ($1.00)
Spray Adhesive ($4.00)

For some unknown reason, I did not take photos of my steps but will share them with you.

STEP 1:  Lay down paper to protect your working area!
STEP 2:  Remove Labels.  
STEP 3:  Wash, rinse, & dry.
STEP 4:  Coat your bottle with white paint in a well ventilated area and let the bottle completely dry.
STEP 5:  Pour Epsom Salt into a cup for easy pouring.
STEP 6:  Spray your bottle with spray adhesive DO NOT LET IT DRY!!
STEP 7:  Tilt your bottle on the bottom edge (for easy turning) Using your cup, sprinkle the bottle with Epsom Salt making sure you coat all sides.
STEP 8:  Dry

If you want, you can spray a clear coat of protection onto the bottle, this will protect your design (and keep your 9 y/o from rubbing the salt off of it!)

Pictures of the final product are below:

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