Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What I learned about prepping goat...

Today was a serious challenge in my kitchen~ 

We usually enjoy a leg of lamb for Christmas dinner but when hubs went to the butcher to make the holiday meat purchase he returned with was 2 GOAT legs instead of lamb- when I asked why (with confusion) he simply stated... 

"It was in the board and I thought... mmmm... Why not?'"

Well for starters... I do NOT know how to prepare goat... Of any kind!! So- to the internet we search!

 I found out a few things once we decided on how we would prepare the meat;

1. There are a ton of ways to prepare goat
2. Research everything written in a recipe which brings me to my third find...
3.  Butterfling a leg of goat is NOTHING like butterfling boneless chicken breast...

You need to work hard to remove the bone! And to do that... You need the right tools...😒 

I. Do not. Have the right tools....

After watching SEVERAL videos on how to butterfly a lamb (because no one... I repeat NO ONE makes videos on how to butterfly a goat...) I laid my rinsed goat on my cutting board and went to work butterfling this goat leg armed with a meat cleaver and a paring knife after what seemed like forever~ I did a butterfly-ish layout, added my seasonings, rolled my goat leg, and tied it off with kitchen twine.  

It took forever but in the end it's rolled and ready for smoking!

I know... It doesn't look to yummy right now but I will definitely post pictures after its smoked~

Along with the recipe we used if it taste fine!!  

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