Sunday, December 21, 2014

#1 Wine Bottle DIY

So~  I did some crafting with out of the many sake bottles that had collected over the last several months.  My first craft with the bottles was a simple white painted bottle that I added twine around.
supplies I used:
Rust-oleum flat white primer ($3.75)
Wine (or in my case sake bottles) free
twine (size/thickness of your choice) I used a thicker twine because I used 60oz bottles (2.99 spool)
glue gun (always on hand)
decoration of choice.  (set of 6 snowflakes from Michaels- $1.00) 
After removing my labels, I sprayed my bottles with the white primer.  (did not photograph that step because no one was here to help me!) The primer gave me the matte look I hoped to acquire, if you prefer a gloss definitely use it!  just keep in mind to use a quality spray paint.  You would be surprised at the difference in how it sprays!

After my bottles were dried, I added the twine, gluing every few turns to ensure the twine was even and wrapped tight at I wrapped it around the bottle.  I original only did the bottles with twine and then decided it needed something else so...
 I added the snowflakes after seeing the bottles on the mantle..

Here is a close up of my painted bottles!

And below~ the final product with my handmade paper wreath~


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