Sunday, September 7, 2014

DIY Spray Bleach T-shirt

See that down there???
I made that! 
I was browsing the web to find out how to make stencils and ran across Rachel's blog and thought to myself.... 'I just finished stuffing  boxes full of t-shirts and other items to drop off at the thrift store~ let me open this box so I can find a shirt to "experiment" on!' 
So I did!
First, I found a nifty little image online (I checked to see if it had a copyright but the image lead to a post, of a repost, from a repost, from a repost... you get where I'm going?) so I will go on the record by saying "this is not my image or drawing!!"
I figured I'm only experimenting on a shirt with it and I probably won't wear it so.... here's what I did~
1.  I enlarged the image large in word and then traced it onto a piece of freezer paper (draw on the matted side!)
2.  Cut out your image using an exacto knife.  As you see I cut out the hair, shades, and lips., those were the main parts of the image I needed to shadow for my project. 
3.  Once all my pieces were cut.  I ironed my shirt to get all the wrinkles out (because.... it was rolled into a ball- in a box- heading for the thrift store)
4.  I laid my stencil (that I drew on the freezer paper)- shiny side down- onto my shirt and using a "dry" iron, (no steam) and the highest temperature setting,  I ironed the stencil onto my shirt.
5.  I added a small amount of bleach to a spray bottle, changed into my painting clothes, went outside and sprayed my shirt, there are a ton of ways to spray your shirt!  some people spray into the air to get tiny droplets with bits of spatter, some people spray lightly and then transition to a heavier spray, some people spray the whole shirt....
I just winged it...It's not quite the style I was trying to achieve but I like it enough to just wash this guy and wear it instead of putting it back into the box.
and JUST because I still had what I felt to be another stencil to use.  I grabbed another shirt out of the box, ironed the other part of the stencil onto my shirt and filled the "INSIDE" of the stencil using a fabric paint (see below)  I still have not finished this one because it needs to dry, once I iron it and see how the paint responds, I may draw some awesome tangles in the afro just to give it a "Cynthia" kind of feel... but that's only if it has a smooth surface once it's ironed... we will see!

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