Thursday, September 11, 2014

That second template...

Remember that second template I told you about the other day???

Well... There it is! 

I really like the way this guy came out~ well, sort of.  I thought I had a "slick" fabric paint which I had planned to tangle in the Afro area but after I applied heat to my painted area it textured and 'puffed' up :/

But that's ok. The end result is a puffy type of fro that I think looks and feels awesome!

Mustard glazed chicken


Who wants some???

Once again it's time for dinner, I'm feeling a bit lazy so I'm taking the easy way out- my fave (yet tasty) go to! 

Mustard glazed chicken thighs....

Super easy to fix, cheap (depending on the type of chicken you buy),  and not all that bad for you!

Estimated cost for free range chicken about $11.15 for 1.5lb
Or you can just go with chicken thighs in your brand of choice est. cost of about 4.50 1.b (I think...)

all the other ingredients I have stocked in my kitchen because I use them often...

This recipe comes from my Pratical Paleo book (nope~ it's not my recipe) and as said before...
it's freakin' yummy!


1/4 cup melted butter or coconut oil
2 tbsp gluten-free mustard
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp dried sage
pepper to taste
12 (or less) bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs


preheat oven to 425 degrees
mix melted butter, mustard, pepper sage, and salt.
place the chicken thighs on a baking dish and brush mustard mixture evenly over each one.

bake for about 40 minutes or until a thermometer reads 165 degrees F.

and because I am a lover of asparagus.....

I sauteed mine for about 4 minutes in 1 tbsp of kerigold butter and seasoned with garlic powder, pepper, sea salt, and onion powder.  This is a meal all it's own!!



Sunday, September 7, 2014

DIY Spray Bleach T-shirt

See that down there???
I made that! 
I was browsing the web to find out how to make stencils and ran across Rachel's blog and thought to myself.... 'I just finished stuffing  boxes full of t-shirts and other items to drop off at the thrift store~ let me open this box so I can find a shirt to "experiment" on!' 
So I did!
First, I found a nifty little image online (I checked to see if it had a copyright but the image lead to a post, of a repost, from a repost, from a repost... you get where I'm going?) so I will go on the record by saying "this is not my image or drawing!!"
I figured I'm only experimenting on a shirt with it and I probably won't wear it so.... here's what I did~
1.  I enlarged the image large in word and then traced it onto a piece of freezer paper (draw on the matted side!)
2.  Cut out your image using an exacto knife.  As you see I cut out the hair, shades, and lips., those were the main parts of the image I needed to shadow for my project. 
3.  Once all my pieces were cut.  I ironed my shirt to get all the wrinkles out (because.... it was rolled into a ball- in a box- heading for the thrift store)
4.  I laid my stencil (that I drew on the freezer paper)- shiny side down- onto my shirt and using a "dry" iron, (no steam) and the highest temperature setting,  I ironed the stencil onto my shirt.
5.  I added a small amount of bleach to a spray bottle, changed into my painting clothes, went outside and sprayed my shirt, there are a ton of ways to spray your shirt!  some people spray into the air to get tiny droplets with bits of spatter, some people spray lightly and then transition to a heavier spray, some people spray the whole shirt....
I just winged it...It's not quite the style I was trying to achieve but I like it enough to just wash this guy and wear it instead of putting it back into the box.
and JUST because I still had what I felt to be another stencil to use.  I grabbed another shirt out of the box, ironed the other part of the stencil onto my shirt and filled the "INSIDE" of the stencil using a fabric paint (see below)  I still have not finished this one because it needs to dry, once I iron it and see how the paint responds, I may draw some awesome tangles in the afro just to give it a "Cynthia" kind of feel... but that's only if it has a smooth surface once it's ironed... we will see!