Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Routine

I would like for Sunday to be the day I finish chores and have the day to do what ever I want but... Around here there is this thing called "Sunday Funday". It usually consist of a small group of close friends (his) and what ever young lady is up for corn hole, sunshine, & food.

I do the cooking....

Well~ I do the sides and snacks while hubs gets the grill going and masters the meat we all love to enjoy (darn carnivores) I find that even though I always complain (initially) but- 

by the end of the day-when the food is prepped and everyone is fed- I find myself enjoying all the laughter around me well... With the exception of the really bad music played extra loud... But at any rate. It's when I can sit down have a glass of whatever and enjoy those who are my family while away FRIM my family.

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