Friday, February 21, 2014

This beauty

I have a love for all things old.. With that being said, 2 of my favorite places to visit are antique stores and thrift shops. I don't always buy but, I sure love to spend at least 3-4 hours with no interruptions browsing each of my favorite spots and far off shops. Today u stopped by a local store to round up some 1980 style items to sport for an upcoming event. While browsing the racks I came across this beauty.  It's still new- has the tags in tack, I guess it's safe to say it's never been worn. A possible purchase made in a whim that later became a "what was I thinking?" Then a "I'll take it back" to "guess I will just donate it"... It found me!  I WILL wear it however~ this guy was not made with me in mind. Although I appear small compared to many of those in my tiny little circle~ I. Am. Not... But it's such a beautiful piece and I can't pass it up. So I contact a friend who photographs up and coming (& already there) models to see if he could use this as part of his wardrobe as luck would have it, he can always use a cool piece of clothing so, this purchase is for the photographer.  Maybe one day, I will squeeze myself comfortably into this beauty for a shoot of my own. We will see.

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