Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013


IOTD= idea of the day...

I know... different from the usual ootd but I wanted to share this nifty little tip from one of my friends.

I don't know how you gals feel but~ I get a bit agitated when my boots fall over on the shelf/floor of my closet~ and yesterday as i cleaned my closet, I complained to my friend about my boots and she shared her tip for keeping her boots standing tall (and in shape) using an item I am sure you already have on hand!!

1 you know all those magazines many of us still buy??? Well when it's time to recycle or donate them, keep a few for yourself!

2 roll the magazines into a tube- as wide (or tight) as you need for the shaft width of your boot.

3 tape the magazine along the seam with duct tape, packing tape, or pretty paper (as I have done below ;)

4 simply drop the tube inside your boot and 🎶Ta-daa!!🎶 instant boot shapers!!

s/n: you can also form boot shapers from the original packaging your boots came in!!