Friday, October 26, 2012

When I watch these little guys~

On the field, it's hard to believe they are 6-7 year olds. The speed and agility they display on a baseball field amazes me so that I am in constant awe.

Watching them make double plays without a second thought, seeing them swing a bat with power that sends the ball to the back of the field, hearing the coach give field assignments and watching as each one takes their position in which they were directed, sometimes, it makes us as parents forget just how young they are~

But we are reminded. We realize how small when a baseball strikes the batter in the knee, or a fly ball hits the catcher in the face, or innocent play results in broken arms, blacked eyes, mashed, cut, or jammed fingers...

And then the tears start to flow, and they run in the arms of comfort- they are comforted with soft whispers of;

"it will be alright",
"let me look at it".....
"All better?"

We are reminded that they are still our little boys, no matter how fast they run, how hard they hit, or how good they can throw a ball- they still need us to comfort them and let them know "it will be alright"

and it will....

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