Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Foster's home for Imaginary friends...

My 6 y/o discovered them a few weeks ago~  I haven't seen this show in quite some time, my oldest use to watch it but stopped suddenly one day.. As 6 y/o navigated the on demand channel he asked me to sit down to watch the "slumber party" with him.  This show is something special with a house full of interesting characters that I have grown to love myself..

There is the main guy Mac who imagines the other main guy, Bloo

super scary Eduardo

The ever so tall Wilt

Hard to understandCoco

The super hyper and over imagination of Goo keeps Foster's full of imaginary friends (she has actually been restricted from imagining ANY more friends!)

Mr. Herriman is the imaginary friend of Madame Foster (who incidently OWNs Foster's) and is also the grandmother of Frankie Foster who cooks as well as keeps Foster's super clean

super special Cheese

There are other imaginary friends, locked friends, guest villans, minor humans, other humans~ the list goes on...

but I'm going to stop for now....

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