Monday, December 3, 2012

White ornaments...

Are hard to find... Well not quite, GLASS white ornaments are easy to find but when you have an active 7 year old and a hyper (large) dog, glass ornaments are the last thing you want to put on a tree... my 7 y/o wanted to decorate a red, white, and blue tree- so, I needed to find white ornaments to pull his design together. With glass being the only thing available, I turned to the plastic section, chose silver ball, stars, and odd shaped orbs, brought a can of high gloss spray paint in white, came home, hung them up and sprayed them all white. Now all 7 y/o has to do is add them to his tree :)

Merry Christmas!

Friday, October 26, 2012

When I watch these little guys~

On the field, it's hard to believe they are 6-7 year olds. The speed and agility they display on a baseball field amazes me so that I am in constant awe.

Watching them make double plays without a second thought, seeing them swing a bat with power that sends the ball to the back of the field, hearing the coach give field assignments and watching as each one takes their position in which they were directed, sometimes, it makes us as parents forget just how young they are~

But we are reminded. We realize how small when a baseball strikes the batter in the knee, or a fly ball hits the catcher in the face, or innocent play results in broken arms, blacked eyes, mashed, cut, or jammed fingers...

And then the tears start to flow, and they run in the arms of comfort- they are comforted with soft whispers of;

"it will be alright",
"let me look at it".....
"All better?"

We are reminded that they are still our little boys, no matter how fast they run, how hard they hit, or how good they can throw a ball- they still need us to comfort them and let them know "it will be alright"

and it will....

Monday, October 22, 2012

Who says you can't wear a cardigan...

And still look stylish?? Hubs (& a few buds) think cardigans are for older ladies- but as a lover of all things paisley, flowered, or just printed~ I think they are all wrong.

I wore this guy to school paired with black wedges today and my "younger" classmates stated that they would have never thought to wear those shoes with a cardigan, that makes a late clothing lover such as myself smile!

It actually makes me smile even more now that I can navigate through my closet and see everything I have since the "great closet clean out"!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today's cozy pairing come right if my now clean closet (lol)

Brown boots, cream cardigan, jeans, and a leopard printed scarf just to have add a bit of happy!

Enjoy the day bloggers!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I have...

A lot of black in my closet, not because I think it's slimming but more because it seems to always suck me into the rack of clothing it lays or hangs upon...

Today's "outfit of the day" (ootd):
Black boots, denim jeans, black scoop neck sweater, and black and white striped cardigan...

Time for class....

Monday, October 15, 2012

The closet clean out...

Has not only opened a world of fashion I never knew existed! But has prompted me to spend at least 20 minutes during the day playing dress up (also to help decide what goes and stays...) Today's "outfit of the day"....

A white sweater, black scarf, short pleated skirt, black thigh high socks, and black booties... Put them all together and you have an outfit that resembles the one below...

Not to far over the top with just the right amount of nice :)

Amusement parks...

I don't do them as often as I use to. My 17 y/o is traumatized when it comes to roller coasters after his very first experience and in my own opinion... any other ride seems boring-

My 7 y/o has been asking non-stop to go to every carnival that has come to town over the last several months and we finally made plans to take him to enjoy the amusement park. The first thing he sees as we get close are the colorful tracks of every roller coaster open for all to ride... All he does is smile and say I want to ride that blue guy right there... After a lot of talking I finally convince him to start small and we would work our way up to the "blue guy". He agrees, we start small, get bigger, and then tackle a large coaster with major heels and tons of loops~ he is stoked and wanting more. We were heading to the "blue guy" but Unfortunately..... we had to cut our trip short~ Around dusk, the smoke started to blow, creepy music began to play, guys with chainsaws and killer clowns from outer space began to emerge from the bushes...

The little girl that came with us had a major breakdown (fear) so we called it a day and promised 7 y/o that we would definitely come back when they are not having Hallowscream in the evenings other wise...

Great day!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Comfy wear

I asked my sweetie if he would redo my closet so that I may have more storage for shoes, bags, etc...

He told me to clean out my closet and then we will talk. So I cleaned, sorted, donated... found some items I either forgot I owned or thought I had lost- at the top of the found list... A pair of lace up boots I brought on sale at the end of the season (last year) happy faces all over the place!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


At my house, we have changed the mindset of "whatever food we have in the house" to, "it has to be healthy" especially after loosing the extra pounds I had gained when I retired from the military... 

Since then, I found that... 1. My workout routine slowed (a lot) and 2. The weight will quietly say hello (again) if you are not careful

With that being said, walking is now my new best friend, healthy snacks are the only thing allowed in the cupboards, and if we eat lunch- it can't be processed, chips/candy, or purchased from a fast food joint!!

Time to stay fit and healthy... We are not getting any younger...

Monday, October 8, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012


I stop by to read other peoples stuff...
And think about writing stuff myself....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Sooo have you ever wondered EXACTLY what you do in a day?

I don't know why but it always feels that I have had a full day of being busy but never seem to get anything done so~ starting today, I'm going to track my daily activities JUST to see where my time really goes:

6:35 wake up feed dog, grt Kid's clothes ready for school

6:42 fooled around with sweetie, shower

7:00 tickle kid, tell kid to get out of (my)bed, continue morning routine of making oatmeal, dress for the gym/class, fuss at kid to brush teeth, find Savage Oppress (& the spiky thing), fuss about why kid does not have on shoes, where is the freakin' backpack?

7:25 fuss at kid to turn off tv, Get ready to walk out the door for the bus only to find that kid needs lunch money in his account, look for cash- write check

7:32 stand at bus stop, look down the street, cuss, tell kid don't get in trouble at school today, tell kid don't say whatever, check time, look down street again, ask kid not to eat boogers, tell kid boogers are not good to eat, look down street again

7:42 late f-n bus finally arrives.... Hop in car for the drive to class

7:48 stop at 7-11 for coffee

8:24 arrive in parking lot run up to classroom on second floor

8:30 class (pause)

10:33 class out~ heading to the gym!!

10:47 gym (pause)

12:07 gym wrap up time for h/w

12:18 look at front of house, complain about weeds in my $1500+ flower bed i just HAD to have- go inside, make protein shake side of beans and small cut of chicken w/sharp cheddar (yum!)

12:33 fire up computer to finish homework (quickly distracted thinking about a website I saw on the back of a truck for gift baskets) search out site, think j can make a better basket, REMEMBER I have to make 3 baskets for Anna's charity thingy for Saturday! Freak out check inventory

12:46 got everything laid out in ithe table to make baskets, can't stop thinking about the flower beds, change out of gym clothes, get phone, earbuds, shovel, and head out front.

2:52 gave up in the front yard, put in a load of laundry, showered, washed hair

3:14 laid on the bed

3:31 chatted with sweetie

3:37 sweetie said fridge stinks really bad, threw away some old veggies and cheese... Still stinks (time to deep clean again...)

3:58 went to buy a birthday card

4:28 tried to scrape the sticker off of the $70 bottle of wine~ wtf puts stickers on a $70 bottle if wine???

4:48 wrapped wine in tissue paper and put it in a wine bag (cold beer needed)

4:50 watched sponge on with kid (THINK about homework- have a beer)

5:20 homework

6:44 start dinner
7:24 eat dinner

7:46 homework

8;00 yell at kid to shut off tv and shower (cont. homework)

8:11 yell at kid again to shower (cont. homework)

8:27 get up from computer THREATEN kid to shower- kid takes off running to bathroom, cont. homework

8:49 read 2 chapters of captain under pants~ fall asleep in Kids extra comfy bed

9:22 get a wakeup text from hubby asking what I'm doing, get up go back in family room, sit down at computer- cont. homework.

10:59 hubby says "you ready for bed?" I say yes, undress, lay down, shut off phone....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Foster's home for Imaginary friends...

My 6 y/o discovered them a few weeks ago~  I haven't seen this show in quite some time, my oldest use to watch it but stopped suddenly one day.. As 6 y/o navigated the on demand channel he asked me to sit down to watch the "slumber party" with him.  This show is something special with a house full of interesting characters that I have grown to love myself..

There is the main guy Mac who imagines the other main guy, Bloo

super scary Eduardo

The ever so tall Wilt

Hard to understandCoco

The super hyper and over imagination of Goo keeps Foster's full of imaginary friends (she has actually been restricted from imagining ANY more friends!)

Mr. Herriman is the imaginary friend of Madame Foster (who incidently OWNs Foster's) and is also the grandmother of Frankie Foster who cooks as well as keeps Foster's super clean

super special Cheese

There are other imaginary friends, locked friends, guest villans, minor humans, other humans~ the list goes on...

but I'm going to stop for now....

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I asked for a bottle of water and was introduced to Fred...

Fred has the cutest shape I have ever seen and as I looked Fred over I came across this...

"Hello. I'm Fred. Aquarius. Velvety smooth and easy to hold. I'm your daily allowance of awesome in a fully recyclable package and I'm born in the USA. Find me, friend me, follow me at or dial me up at 1-877-437-9283. Yes!"

So... I found him, friended him, followed him, and called him... I just can't get enough of Fred and the daily allowance of awesome he offers in his fully recyclable package... Such a wonderfully shaped package it is!