Sunday, December 25, 2011

In the last 2 years

I have met a lot of people from many different walks of life and in many different stages of their lives. Many that I have come in contact with have been visitors from other continents of this glorious place I like to call earth.

Tonight I spent about 2 hours (or more) with two of the most amazing teenagers I have ever met in my lifetime. One 14, the other 16. They are both fluent in English and Spanish, (Italian being the primary language) very aware of the what is going on in the world (politics both here and abroad) and two of the MOST well mannered children I have EVER met! The same can be said for the young lady my husband and I met while on vacation to Portugal, my old school friend Jan from German, the ever so kind African women who would braid my hair so tight I could sleep! All who spoke an average of 2-3 different languages and were super intelligent. (I can go on but I wanted this to be quick and short)

I have decided that from this day forward a few things have to change in my household. My children need to be more aware of their surroundings, their futures outside this comfortable little bubble I like to call "Western Branch". I think it is important that they know something more than JUST the American language/lifestyle.... way...

Math and science needs to go from "do as well as you can" to "if we need a tutor to help you pass, we will figure out what we need to give up (sacrifice) to make them succeed in these areas"

We are pretty darn arrogant when it comes to who WE are here.. in the good old USA (no??) don't get me wrong, I enjoy where I live, but I am starting to question the success of our future leaders. We have this "YOU-OWE-ME" generation standing in line to make decision for the future of our country, many who feel that everyone should speak English... Even when they are visitors in SOMEONE ELSE'S COUNTRY!!! Trust me~ I have seen it & it is pretty darn embarrassing~

I don't know.. I'm feeling as if we are setting ourselves up for failure by restricting ourselves to only the American way- I don't know... I can't speak for everyone but every time I hear a discussion about cutting the budget for education- its like someone is saying

"you don't want to be smart!!!
Math? Science? Foreign languages???
You aren't going to need all of that when you graduate!!"

News flash!

20 years in the military-

Guess what!!

I had to use math DAILY!
I was thankful for science & biology (it too was part of my daily job!).
That French I learned in high school-
Needed when I was lost on the streets of Paris!!
The small bit of Spanish my friend knew...
came in handy while on liberty in Spain with no way to get back to the ship due to heavy seas!!! No matter how broken~ her efforts got us a nice hotel to stay in for the night until the sea were calm enough for us to make it back aboard.

If my sweet US wont make the necessary change to make us better...

I guess I'll have to start it myself no matter how small~
with me and my family...
Right here...
In this comfortable little bubble I like to call "Western Branch"