Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving day

was a good one. My family, my dog, & I packed into the car and headed here (Kentucky) Tuesday afternoon.  The drive was a dreary one, lots of rain, fog, and drizzle but we made it to Kentucky at a decent time.  although the GPS said we would make it to my town at 1:30am, we decided about 11pm to stop for the night (6 y.o pretty much made the decision for us, he was 'OVER' this car ride)

We woke the next morning had breakfast and started the last leg of our drive, we decided to stop by Buffalo Trace (one of the many bourbon distilleries in Kentucky) for a tour of the facilities~ if you are ever in KY for any reason try to go there, great tour!

Wednesday is spent with my mom, dad, sister,  brother, neices, nephews, dousins, aunts, uncles, the works!  everyone is preparing dinner for the gathering we will all have at the lodge the next day.  It is a great evening but super tiring for me.  Me, the family, & my dog call it a night and head back to our hotel.  We wake at 6am, and head back to my moms house.  Hubby has been volunteerd to fry two turkeys and I have to make bacon wrapped green beans (which everyone continues to believe are made by my mom...)  We do out part and then head back to our hotel to shower and dress for the 2pm supper.

We arrive at 1 to set up the lodge but can not get in because cousin Pam has the key to the lodge and she is late!  we have to place the tables, cover the tables, bring out chairs, plates, silverware (you get it where I'm going..)  After a bit of rushing and putting EVERY ONE in view to work we are set and ready for supper to begin, but wait~ we can't begin until Uncle (Paster) Lewis makes it here to bless the family and the food, which turns out to be okay because we still have a few family members who have yet to arrive~  Once everything (and everybody) gets into place, Uncle Lewis blesses us all and we younger of the ladies serve all, & then we all sit down to eat.

It is a great Thanksgiving surrounded by family with such a beautiful back drop to enjoy our late afternoon meal...


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and stay blessed.

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