Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I took a trip

to the middle of nowhere~ literally! 

So, My small town in Kentucky voted on October 11 2011 to start sales of alcohol.   My county has been dry for as long as I can remember (I was born in the 70's!)  So when I read about the vote to starts sales there I was happy, because now I didn't have to bring a case of my favorite beer/wine home WITH me... 

NOT SO FAST... the law to sell alcohol came back with a YES vote, but sales are NOT to start until mid January (lol) oh well, I guess I will not have wine with my Thanksgiving dinner~  I could drive the army base which is about 20 minutes away but I'll pass.  I have several bottles of wine I can enjoy when I return to VA.

BUT WAIT!...  I am in a room with several of my cousins, and the question that is asked is "who is going to make the drive?"  Drive to where I ask, to the picnic store I am told for spirits and wine.  I volunteer but let it be known I have no clue where I am going.  Me and one other jump into my car and directions are given as I pull away from my mothers house.

This drive is long, we go from seeing city lights to seeing darkness, as the street lights dwindle down to nothing the road becomes darker and the curves on this two lane road are some that I am not accustomed to driving~ especially at night!  we drive what seems like eternity then she yells,

 "right there! right there!" 
"right where?" I ask,

there is nothing but darkness in front of me, behind me, and AROUND
Then as if to appear out of 'nowhere', there to the right of me is the "picnic store"...  seriously, "PICNIC STORE" is what is written on the sign,  and the parking lot is FULL!  I pull into the wrong entrance (because when I braked- I passed the entrance) I park, she runs in and not even 2 minutes later she is loading the trunk of my car up with items~  how the heck did she get all of this stuff so quick... AND PAY? this parking lot is full, the drive through window has about 4 cars in line, and she is out of there a quick as lightening! 

This place seems mystical to me, full of customers who walk in and right out as if there are a gang of elves lined up behind rows of counters to ring up and bagging items that customers need... and it seemed to have popped out of thin air.... located in the middle of NOWHERE, KY... 

a bit scary AND weird...
(this is the actual photo I took of the picnic store!)

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