Saturday, November 19, 2011

"HEY BLACK GIRL!" the phrase I hear across the not-so-very-crowded-bar.

My initial response was going to be "who the f- are you talking to but instead responded~

"who me???"

I know the 40-50 something y/o woman is talking to me, I am the ONLY afro wearing black girl in this awesome establishment called Redbones...

As Anna looks on with an astonished "did she just say that?" and Steve giggles with "yes she did" I turn to the lady and start by saying "it would have been more polite to just say 'excuse me.....'~ if you yell that phrase to a different "black girl" she may not respond as politely as I am responding to you right now.."

She is a bit inebriated so I chuck it up as the obvious "slip of the tongue"

thank God for preparing me for the many not-so-diverse people i would encounter on this journey i like to call 'life'

growing up in semi racist Kentucky and working in a somewhat racist job field while I was in the navy has assisted in the formation of my tough "ignorant" repellant shell.... Being one of the few BLACK, FEMALE, certified high pressure welders is not an easy thing for many young country boys from the deep south to digest- especially when they are not certified, throw in a little 'meet your new supervisor' in there and all hell tends to break loose... So~ I have definitely heard (& been called) worse!

Needless to say, certain phrases i haven't heard in awhile spin me for a little loop but i bounce right back, smile it off, and politely correct the person who had the slip-of-the-tounge incident.. That goes for EVERY one I encounter, my counterparts included.

But any who~

"hey black girl" screaming lady claims she wants my opinion on how to get this guy half her age to stop asking for her number because she's married. I tell her I can not answer that question mainly because anytime I go to a bar of ANY sort I go with my husband and I also inform her that dancing provocatively on every man in the bar is not helping her "I'm married" cause either....

She ends with please don't take what I said wrong- I'm a white girl!!!

Ummmm yea.

When hubby returns from the bathroom, Steve gives him a rundown on what happened to which my husband responds "you should have punched her in the face"

I love my hubby~

but, I have to remind him that I am 40 not 15, and that mature adults don't respond with bad words or fighting (although a few choice words came to the tip of my tongue when she yelled in my direction) hubby hugged me super tight put his half finished drink on the bar- said his goodbyes and turned to me and said "babe... Let's go home"

No resistance from me....

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