Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ANTM all Stars

so... Im like this undercover top model junkie~  I never discuss the episodes I watch, I DVR them and as everyone sleeps in on Saturdays I wake and watch the Wednesday night episode while making coffee.

Since I didn't have class today I decided I'd watch it while clipping coupons and preparing my grocery list.  The models made music videos today instead of the usual picture taking session.  I think they all did pretty good (well... except for Alexandra, even though her song was super catchy *I'm singing it now* her video was pretty darn boring but hey~ who am I to talk?  my kids ask me to stop singing and dancing daily..)

any who~ the video I liked the most was Allison Harvard's "Underwater".  She reminds me of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas~ 

Odd, yet beautiful in her own quirky way...

At the judges table, Tyra and the gang including guest just The Game (rapper/video producer) evaluated each girls video to see who would stay and who would go home.  Because I couldn't find the words to describe feedback from the judges table, I had to post the video so you could see Allison's video followed by the reaction of the judges immediately after watching it.  I loved it 100%


Tyra pokes fun at the game with a teasing "do you like her?"
to which he outright says "I'm attracted to her"

Go Allison... you are on your way to being a star without even trying!

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