Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving day

was a good one. My family, my dog, & I packed into the car and headed here (Kentucky) Tuesday afternoon.  The drive was a dreary one, lots of rain, fog, and drizzle but we made it to Kentucky at a decent time.  although the GPS said we would make it to my town at 1:30am, we decided about 11pm to stop for the night (6 y.o pretty much made the decision for us, he was 'OVER' this car ride)

We woke the next morning had breakfast and started the last leg of our drive, we decided to stop by Buffalo Trace (one of the many bourbon distilleries in Kentucky) for a tour of the facilities~ if you are ever in KY for any reason try to go there, great tour!

Wednesday is spent with my mom, dad, sister,  brother, neices, nephews, dousins, aunts, uncles, the works!  everyone is preparing dinner for the gathering we will all have at the lodge the next day.  It is a great evening but super tiring for me.  Me, the family, & my dog call it a night and head back to our hotel.  We wake at 6am, and head back to my moms house.  Hubby has been volunteerd to fry two turkeys and I have to make bacon wrapped green beans (which everyone continues to believe are made by my mom...)  We do out part and then head back to our hotel to shower and dress for the 2pm supper.

We arrive at 1 to set up the lodge but can not get in because cousin Pam has the key to the lodge and she is late!  we have to place the tables, cover the tables, bring out chairs, plates, silverware (you get it where I'm going..)  After a bit of rushing and putting EVERY ONE in view to work we are set and ready for supper to begin, but wait~ we can't begin until Uncle (Paster) Lewis makes it here to bless the family and the food, which turns out to be okay because we still have a few family members who have yet to arrive~  Once everything (and everybody) gets into place, Uncle Lewis blesses us all and we younger of the ladies serve all, & then we all sit down to eat.

It is a great Thanksgiving surrounded by family with such a beautiful back drop to enjoy our late afternoon meal...


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and stay blessed.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It is the eve of thanksgiving and I am walking the isles of Walmart in awesome Kentucky, the place is packed to the gills and there are powdery condiments all over the floor!

My lovely sister is not shy to let people know that they need to get the hell out of the way and I am silently walking behind her getting a giggle...

This is going to be one of the best visits yet~ I am awed by the woman at in the pie area as she digs, and digs, and digs for the gold that we know will never be found.. I love the Mexican guys who smile kindly and say hello.., in Spanish~ I think they are awed when I ask them how they are doing... in Spanish :-) I think they appreciate that, they respond back with a smile- I keep walking and enjoy people watching... Did Mention I have already had a half a of a bottle of Chardonnay?? (good thing I'm not driving!). I've been away from KY for over 20 years but over the last year i have found a live for small town life, shops, and the feeling of family~ close family~ all in the same place. It's always great to stop in for a qui k visit :-)

I took a trip

to the middle of nowhere~ literally! 

So, My small town in Kentucky voted on October 11 2011 to start sales of alcohol.   My county has been dry for as long as I can remember (I was born in the 70's!)  So when I read about the vote to starts sales there I was happy, because now I didn't have to bring a case of my favorite beer/wine home WITH me... 

NOT SO FAST... the law to sell alcohol came back with a YES vote, but sales are NOT to start until mid January (lol) oh well, I guess I will not have wine with my Thanksgiving dinner~  I could drive the army base which is about 20 minutes away but I'll pass.  I have several bottles of wine I can enjoy when I return to VA.

BUT WAIT!...  I am in a room with several of my cousins, and the question that is asked is "who is going to make the drive?"  Drive to where I ask, to the picnic store I am told for spirits and wine.  I volunteer but let it be known I have no clue where I am going.  Me and one other jump into my car and directions are given as I pull away from my mothers house.

This drive is long, we go from seeing city lights to seeing darkness, as the street lights dwindle down to nothing the road becomes darker and the curves on this two lane road are some that I am not accustomed to driving~ especially at night!  we drive what seems like eternity then she yells,

 "right there! right there!" 
"right where?" I ask,

there is nothing but darkness in front of me, behind me, and AROUND
Then as if to appear out of 'nowhere', there to the right of me is the "picnic store"...  seriously, "PICNIC STORE" is what is written on the sign,  and the parking lot is FULL!  I pull into the wrong entrance (because when I braked- I passed the entrance) I park, she runs in and not even 2 minutes later she is loading the trunk of my car up with items~  how the heck did she get all of this stuff so quick... AND PAY? this parking lot is full, the drive through window has about 4 cars in line, and she is out of there a quick as lightening! 

This place seems mystical to me, full of customers who walk in and right out as if there are a gang of elves lined up behind rows of counters to ring up and bagging items that customers need... and it seemed to have popped out of thin air.... located in the middle of NOWHERE, KY... 

a bit scary AND weird...
(this is the actual photo I took of the picnic store!)

"continue on your current trajectory"

yep, that is what my GPS just said...
in Darth Vadar's voice...

about 10 miles into my drive it starts to breath (as Vadar does behind his giant mask of doom)  Not sure why it is doing that, just 4 slow, heavy, breaths...

"why??"  I  ask

"because it's awesome" my husband responds.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

these shoes are awesome...

and I want another pair.. I purchased my first pair from a mall in Portugal about 2 years ago.. probably paid about 30 bucks or so for them.  Got online to buy a new pair today



It's hard to justify buying a pair of shoes at that price when you do NOT have a job~ so, I will be patient, and hope for a sale...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

"HEY BLACK GIRL!" the phrase I hear across the not-so-very-crowded-bar.

My initial response was going to be "who the f- are you talking to but instead responded~

"who me???"

I know the 40-50 something y/o woman is talking to me, I am the ONLY afro wearing black girl in this awesome establishment called Redbones...

As Anna looks on with an astonished "did she just say that?" and Steve giggles with "yes she did" I turn to the lady and start by saying "it would have been more polite to just say 'excuse me.....'~ if you yell that phrase to a different "black girl" she may not respond as politely as I am responding to you right now.."

She is a bit inebriated so I chuck it up as the obvious "slip of the tongue"

thank God for preparing me for the many not-so-diverse people i would encounter on this journey i like to call 'life'

growing up in semi racist Kentucky and working in a somewhat racist job field while I was in the navy has assisted in the formation of my tough "ignorant" repellant shell.... Being one of the few BLACK, FEMALE, certified high pressure welders is not an easy thing for many young country boys from the deep south to digest- especially when they are not certified, throw in a little 'meet your new supervisor' in there and all hell tends to break loose... So~ I have definitely heard (& been called) worse!

Needless to say, certain phrases i haven't heard in awhile spin me for a little loop but i bounce right back, smile it off, and politely correct the person who had the slip-of-the-tounge incident.. That goes for EVERY one I encounter, my counterparts included.

But any who~

"hey black girl" screaming lady claims she wants my opinion on how to get this guy half her age to stop asking for her number because she's married. I tell her I can not answer that question mainly because anytime I go to a bar of ANY sort I go with my husband and I also inform her that dancing provocatively on every man in the bar is not helping her "I'm married" cause either....

She ends with please don't take what I said wrong- I'm a white girl!!!

Ummmm yea.

When hubby returns from the bathroom, Steve gives him a rundown on what happened to which my husband responds "you should have punched her in the face"

I love my hubby~

but, I have to remind him that I am 40 not 15, and that mature adults don't respond with bad words or fighting (although a few choice words came to the tip of my tongue when she yelled in my direction) hubby hugged me super tight put his half finished drink on the bar- said his goodbyes and turned to me and said "babe... Let's go home"

No resistance from me....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ANTM all Stars

so... Im like this undercover top model junkie~  I never discuss the episodes I watch, I DVR them and as everyone sleeps in on Saturdays I wake and watch the Wednesday night episode while making coffee.

Since I didn't have class today I decided I'd watch it while clipping coupons and preparing my grocery list.  The models made music videos today instead of the usual picture taking session.  I think they all did pretty good (well... except for Alexandra, even though her song was super catchy *I'm singing it now* her video was pretty darn boring but hey~ who am I to talk?  my kids ask me to stop singing and dancing daily..)

any who~ the video I liked the most was Allison Harvard's "Underwater".  She reminds me of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas~ 

Odd, yet beautiful in her own quirky way...

At the judges table, Tyra and the gang including guest just The Game (rapper/video producer) evaluated each girls video to see who would stay and who would go home.  Because I couldn't find the words to describe feedback from the judges table, I had to post the video so you could see Allison's video followed by the reaction of the judges immediately after watching it.  I loved it 100%


Tyra pokes fun at the game with a teasing "do you like her?"
to which he outright says "I'm attracted to her"

Go Allison... you are on your way to being a star without even trying!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It is now 1:45 p.m.

and I am just getting out of bed~ what we thought would be an early night turned into a 2 in the morning outing!

We had dinner with a couple we haven't seen in over 6 years at the Norfolk Chop House. After a 3 hour dinner full of conversation, great food, and wine- we made what I thought would be a quick stop at Bardo for a drink~ SEVERAL hours later the awesome bar lady informs us that last call is in 10 minutes... Really??? That is what I call good time in a place where the atmosphere is calming, the music is at a volume loud enough to catch the ear and soft enough for conversation that doesn't require you to say "huh?", "what did you say?"...

Bottom line~ I had a great night and got to sleep super late today. That NEVER happens in this household!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I need to do a little cleaning

Starting with all the extra (unused) email accounts I have for reason unknown~ I downloaded an app for my flickr account and guess what- I have NO idea which email address i used to open the account!! I have an email for school, a business email, several junk mail email accounts, and the email account I use to have when I was in the military (which is attached to accounts I hope I never forget passwords for!)

time to clean Internet house...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Please believe the kids are watching...

Why do I say that? A comment that came from 6 y/o during breakfast this morning. His dad walked into the kitchen, i went in for a hug, he gave me the "half hug" you give those you don't know very well- I teased hubby about the hug, poked him in the belly, and continued to make coffee.

When hubby walked out of the room 6 y/o whispers " maybe daddy doesn't love you any more... But I still love you mommy"


he made this assessment from observation ALONE!

Parents~ be mindful of the things you do in front of your children- they are not easily fooled, they are picking up our habits, they are fully aware of the things happening around them even if YOU are not aware that they are watching...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The guys with the bibles

I'm sitting in the common area waiting for my next class to start. There are these guys handing out bibles. 1 out of every 10 (or so) students stops, talks, asks for a bible, and keeps moving towards class. The others walk a super large "this area is contaminated" circle around the guys even though they are NOT forcing bibles in their hands, they are giving the students the choice to come to them~

For some reason I find this interesting.. How we are given a choice to choose... And sometimes we choose to walk around instead of making a choice to... Stop~ why is that?