Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My son's schedule is crazy!

Partially my fault because i felt he needed something active to do (baseball) but I did not know he would practice at least two nights a week and play another two days/nights a week! The Hubby asked why he was not taking golf lessons... Really? Four days of the week are already spoken for! When is there time for golf??? Tuesday is the time for golf (so his lessons are every Tuesday..) I understand I am the SAHM, but also know that I am a full time student, I still have daily task to tend to (unless someone else wants to step up and clean house & cook dinner) every day is filled with school, kids, kids schedules, kids homework, MY homework Saturday games and Sunday dinners and I have to throw in a basket making session somewhere between the constant moving and running. 2 years later and I still haven't gotten a firm grip of the SAHMs schedule! So once again I applaud all of you SAHMs out there who make this job LOOK so super easy- may I one day be as efficient, reliable, and schedule savvy as you! If anyone ever asks what I think the hardest job in the world is, hands down~ the SAHMs have it!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

this black and white woman thing

is kind of making me want to kick some one... There was a discussion  on interracial marriages and the effects it has on the families and children... One person expressed they did not want mixed kids and only want white kids~ i felt i should corrected him by saying "your preference is to stay within your race"  he said exactly (understood) unfortunately, it was blown way out of context and a debate started that I decided to just 'stay out of' until one person said...

"I understand what he is saying, but for me it’s more of not wanting to marry someone of a different culture because I can’t identify with them. Sami you say “white people aren’t all that great to look at”, if that is true, than why are all of the other races marrying and having children with them.  Why are so many colored women bleaching their skin and dying their hair to look like white women?"

I left the conversation and wrote the following:

 lol... you said "colored" I know my comment comes late but....
NO "colored" women I have ever known or met bleach their skin to be white, they MAY dye their hair a different color (as white women do) but NOT to be "white" ~although, I have ran into many white women who claim they are trying to get "as dark as ____", they  enhance body parts and inject poison into their lips in an effort to look... I don't know... white???  lol.  You being a white woman- maybe you can explain it to me because I have no idea who is trying to be who!
As a "COLORED" woman, I prefer my hair "NAPPY" and natural, I love my full lips, my brown skin, and my healthy body parts~ I have found that many blue, green, and gray eyed faired skinned men find me "beautiful, pretty, exotic" (the names go on), I find it amusing, especially when I read comments such as yours.  All women are beautiful in their own way regardless of SKIN COLOR, you may not have noticed but~ men are too busy checking out T & A to really think about skin color these days. 
As for M. Worth and his choice of a beautiful white skinned baby~ that's his preference, does it make him racist? I'm going to say no~ he's not the only person in the world who prefers to "stay home" as I like to call it.  Should the truth be told, I want my kid to have the color of dark roasted coffee.... it's a preference. It's a shame his comment was taken this far out of context... maybe he should have worded it different.
But seriously Alyssa, don't be the person who "has black a friend" (that no one has ever seen)  Take the time to actually find out something about these "colored" girls you are referring to.  If you hang in the right places you will meet more like me, educated, well mannered, well spoken, prefers to be call black instead of "colored".  If you ever want to chat so you can actually know a black woman, and maybe find out a thing or two about us while we are chatting~ I'm the girl to talk to.  Raised in the ghetto, moved out of the ghetto, educated (paid for with hard work- leaving aid for those who REALLY need it), had a career, owns home,  happily married,  retired, and now owns and runs a small business.  Not your average "colored" girl and guess what~ there are many more just like me who don't want to be or care to be..... white...  Enjoy your day.

am I wrong for venting... as late as I have???  If I have offended anyone, I'm sorry, it just gets under my skin when white women say things like this... please know more than one black woman, or better yet~ stop watching TV to find out about black women.  One or two black women do not represent the masses!  you know what... I've written what I'm feeling now it's time for me to.... let it go...

new day starts tomorrow~ good night~