Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the headboard

as you all know, sometimes I do things a little out of the ordinary like; take pictures of random findings, move things that don't have to be moved, start projects that never seem to find a finishing point, let my mind wonder about things that have absolutely nothing to do with life, start blogs that I don't actually visit until I have more important things I should be doing (like studying for tests....)

today is one of those random days.  I started painting 16 y/o's room a shade of gray he requested and once I finished, I felt it was missing an important element... a headboard.  I started my search online for a decent looking headboard that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg (because I'm learning to budget...) During my search I learned something about myself~  I have expensive taste!  every headboard that I liked cost somewhere between $600 and $3000! (reality check!) 

all of a sudden i got this super great idea, i'll make my own headboard, how hard (& expensive) can it be???  to my surprise, it wasn't expensive at all.. here is a list of items I used to build my head board along with cost:

(2) bi-fold closet doors $0.00 (they were tucked inside of my shed)
(5) 4x8x1 boards $0.00 (they were in the shed too...)
wood screws $0.00 (once again, items just sitting around the garage purchased who knows when...)
faux leather material $10.00 (Garden Ridge sells 2 yards of cut fabric for $5 in every style/pattern)
Poly-fil $8.59 from Michaels (used my 40% off one item coupon- yea!)

I started by supporting the bi-fold closet doors with the 4x8 board, this also keeps the doors from folding up on who ever decides to sleep in 16 y/o's bed!  Then I covered the doors with poly-fil, and finally wrapped the doors with my awesome "faux" leather.  I wasn't to happy with the flatness of the extreamly large headboard so I laid some of the poly-fil on two of the 4x8 boards and covered each board with more "faux" leather and then attached them to the lower half of the head board (this gives a bit of back support should 16 y/o decide he wants to sit up and read in bed.... HA! THAT was a joke (ahahaha, 16 y/o reading a book~ riiiggght...) I finished off the look with a small throw pillow that was made from the left over poly-fil and "faux" leather.

The end result~ an awesome headboard that cost me exactly $18.59!  well at least I thought it was awesome, hubby looked at it and frowned... maybe I'll add the poly-filled covered 4x8 boards the whole length up the headboard... although that would probably bring my cost up~  you know what, I like it the way it is... 

What do you think???