Sunday, February 13, 2011

storage finds...

today we decided to clean out our storage shed.  It's taken almost 9+ years to do it (don't judge me...) but today, the weather was nice and we woke up early enough to make it happen. 

After 9+ years living in this house (that came with everything the last owners left in the shed) we got out to remove everything that has lived in there (only to store MORE of our personal items in its place) I have to admit, it felt great to get out of the house on such a nice day doing something that made an improvement on our space AND cost us zero dollars to make it look good!  I'm glad we pulled everything out because I found an aluminum juicer, two old gas cans, and some stoneware that was stored on the back of a shelf so, of course I had to share~ mainly because I thought it was super nifty!

Enjoy your day!

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Mrs.Snyder said...

You should sell some of that stuff if your not using it electively somewhere else! you could make some big money... hello American Pickers anyone?!?!! LOL