Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Yes, um, I'd like an order of Chicken Lo Mein,

orange chicken with steamed rice, and spicy garlic chicken with pork fried rice please"
      ~"Okay ma'am, your order will be ready in 15 minutes"

the restaraunt is about 3 minutes away, I'll give them 20....

20 minutes laster I step inside of No 1 Chinese to pick up my order.  The guy behind the counter (GBTC) ask what I want, I tell him I'm there to pick up my order, he ask what it was, I repeat what's listed above.  He offers me pork lo mein.... ummm, that is NOT what I ordered.... then he ask what my order was again with an explanation of "were running behind.  I tell him my order (again) and have a seat.  The place is large... cold completely, the florecent lights are dull, and empty of customers with the exception of the laid back teenager (LBT) who immediately goes into a dialogue of how his parents are out celebrating their 20 year anniversary and left him to fend for self on dinner... As I sit in No 1 Chinese food place I feel like I am in the scene of Clerks... , okay... More like Clerks II ~it's more geared towards odd restaraunt occurances....

The spot is empty (with the exception of LBT) I wish I had my phone so I could take a pic of this place.  While we wait a well dressed man enters and request to buy noodles, not cooked, just 4 packages of dry noodles- $2.00.  A few minutes later a guy in crocs and pajama pants (I swear they have the word "pink" written on the butt...) GBTC yells "heeey buddy! got your order right here!" while they say their hellos and joke around with one another a mean looking lady (MLL) walks in~ she isn't happy at all! GBTC says "may I help you?" she answers "I called about the burned beef" he takes the burned meat on skewers and gives her another bag, she looks in and says "this is chicken" (??? how does she know this???) GBTC sa;ys "chicken is good" MLL looks at GBTC like he is crazy, LBT jokingly says "but you don't want beef~ you want chicken" and giggles.. MLL gives LBT the evil eye to which he responds "eesh, bad joke... i guess"  I giggle.
"Pink" Pants walks back in  and yells "how is it you only have 3 customers and you got my whole order wrong?" GBTC looks confused, apologizes, and says "we are super busy with phone orders" and gets the right order to "Pink" pants, as he looks through the bags a skinny goth girl (SGG) walks in as asks "any deliveries?" GBTC gives her the bag "Pink" pants just bought in.  SGG leaves and "Pink" pants tells GBTC "don't make me come back!"  they both laugh, "Pink" pants walks out the door and jumps into his pretty white Lexus that is parked at the front door and drives off as a cute guy on his cell walkes in, mid sentence he says "C-23 please" and continues his conversation on his cell.  My toes are super numb by now, I am considering going out to sit in my truck it's warmer out there, as I fold my piece of paper up GBTC says "hey lady, your order is ready" I look at LBT and ask "didn't you get here before me?" he says "about 5 minutes before" we have been here almost 30!  LBT yells to the back of the kitchen to GBTC "HEY! where is my order? I was here first!!!" GBTC looks confused.... again.... I check my bag to make sure I have the right order, grab duck sauce, duck sauce, and say "sorry dude" (frowny face) to LBT who responds "at least I had someone to talk to.. that doesn't happen very often between strangers anymore..." I agree with a smile, LBT shrugs, smiles, and starts giving GBTC crap about not having his order ready.  As I walk in the door to hubby, kids, and buddy Steve the phone starts ringing.  I answer it to here "Hi, this is The Great Wall of China, I wanted to give you a call to let you know your order has been ready for over 30 minutes now"


(Oh... sorry about the video clips~ one has to see the movies to truly understand the experience I had last night at the No 1 Chinese spot...)

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