Wednesday, January 5, 2011

for the love of magazines...

because I have become this crazy magazine junkie I have noticed that the magazines have begun to stack up once more... the ones that I have read i finally dropped off at the daycare center 5 y/o use to attend (they use them for the many cut and glue projects the do...) and to this day, Mrs. Shantae is always happy to see them come in.  They use to live in the corner of my dining room stacking up until I took the time to read them, now they rest patiently in some nifty magazine files i made using the boxes from packages received during the holiday  and some fabric I had in a box waiting to be delivered to the thrift store.  so, next to working out my "plan" of lb maintenance, kids, family, the ever going job search, i will read my stack of mags so that they may be donated to daycare or the local library... time to get my reading glasses out!

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