Tuesday, January 4, 2011

decided to watch the lbs..

as i pulled the laundry out of the dryer this morning i noticed the scale sitting in the corner of the garage, being me, i pulled it to the middle of the room, made sure it was on "0", and stepped on... hmmph, 147... that's 7lbs heavier than the last time i stepped on. in the last year it appears that i have gained a total of 37lbs since i got out of the military.  now that i'm sitting in front of the television watching will & grace i'm seeing the "special k" challenge every 10 minutes so... i decided, i'm going to take the challenge so... i logged on, choose the chocolate lovers plan, set my start date for the 10th, and then a menu popped up on the next screen.  hmmm, lets see, by the looks of it, i'll have to do some shopping, buying mainly "special k" items like:

chocolaty delight cereal
chocolate peanut butter protein meal bars
vanilla crisp cereal bars
red berries cereal
milk chocolate protein shakes
chocolaty pretzle cereal bars
low fat granola bars
special k parfait
honey nut cereal bars

and then it gives a yummy list of meals for dinner, items I actually keep on hand at all times like jamaican chicken breast with mashed sweet potatoes, shrimp with tomatoes and feta, grilled chicken salad, pork chops with pomegranate glaze (although i will have to make a trip down the road for the pomegranate) and an open faced roast beef sandwhich... I see breakfast and dinner... cereal bars for lunch? can i at least have a salad for lunch??? sooo...

new plan...

i think i'm going to just do it the old fashion way... excercise and cook dinner always, it seems i'll save more money this way AND cook dinners that i know my family will continue to eat and enjoy, i think i'm going to have to share my venture into healthy with you guys as i go... i mean if i can remember to get online to share~
oh well, gotta walk the dog.

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