Friday, January 21, 2011

BLaCk cHAmomilE

so, I decided I should procrastinate no longer and do a gift basket for my cousin (that I promised over a year ago... I know... I suck).  I was thinking of a punch of color with a bold black and white design.  The first thing I had to do was get the design I had in mind together...

black, white, and pink.. I know different but... beautiful together non the less. 

(I just need to figure out which b & w I like best...)

I starting thinking about what type of frangrance I wanted to choose to go with colors.  As I washed my hands and looked in the cabinet for hand soap I saw one of my favorite frangrances.  BLaCk cHAmomilE, I purchased the fragrance collection from bath and body works (sale) a few months ago for $25 (body lotion, shower gel, body spritz)   Because shopping online has become one of my favorite things to do (only shopping in store during the work day/week)  I went to their web site to make my purchase, unfortunately the items are no longer sold through them.  Next best place... Google, you can find pretty much anything there~  I found my BLaCk cHAmomilE
Body Lotion $49.95
Shower Gel
(could not locate item)

Bath Milk $34.95

????? Did I miss something?  Why on earth are these items this expensive? Looks like I have to either
1. change the frangrance I want to use


2. Get my bid going on Ebay for something much lower in price (maybe...)

ughhh... who knew that a fragrance as awesome as this would go for these crazy prices?  If anyone out there can help me locate these items at a decent price~ let me know!!!

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Katy said...

I used to be a comanager for BBW ..unfortunatly this happens all the time..have your local store check out the clearence stores..or sometimes u can get lucky by shopping the semi annual sale where the bring back discontinued items..if u ask before the the sale for them to contact u if by chance they get some in they usually will..hope this helps! its onward of my favorites as well!!