Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st morning of the new year

When 5 y/o rolled over this morning the first thing he said was "mommy, lets walk down to the beach"
hubby and I got up, got coffee, ate oatmeal and fruit, and started our walk to the beach followed by 5 y/o, a bright young girl who seems years beyond her age, and a set of twins...

the weather is unusually warm considering just hours before we were all sitting around a big fire covered in blankets.  now it's super bright skies and warmth all around us.  we walk across the street and behind a big house into the clearing for the beach.  the tide has just lowed and the sand if free of foot prints or any indication that morning joggers/walkers have been here.

the twins instantly say "can we take off our shoes?" i don't want their mom to get upset so i say no, just as i am saying no my 5 y/o runs by me.... barefooted  I look at hubby with an expression of "really???" he shrugs, sips his coffee, and pulls out his phone.

It is a gorgeous day fill with the sounds of rushing water, kids, me & hubby.  If the new year is based off of the first thing you do once coming into the 'new' year then i can say that.... 

THIS is going to be a great year!

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