Friday, December 17, 2010

FabuLOUs 40??? says who?

Fabulous 40... who coined the phrase?  I don't feel fabulous... I actually feel a bit anxious.  My skin is not as smooth, my hair has been dyed black to cover the gray that is trying desperately to overcome the dark browns known as my hair.  In the last year i have put on over 20lbs that were much easier to loose when I was much younger... well, that's not completly true... it was easier to loose when I worked out at least 6 days a week but at 40, I'm finding working out is like having a job.  Can FabuLOUs 40 "think" themselves slim??? that would be nice... no working out, just alot of thinking with the end result of a Fab-u-LOUs body...

While many woman at "FabuLOUs 40" are super educated and well established in their careers, I'm at the "I haven't figured it out" stage~ Am I slow?  The US Department of Labor says that workers between 18 - 38 change careers an average of 10 times so~  if I go by these statistics, I am officially behind and I'm SUPPOSE to have it figured out by now!  Over the last 20 years I have had a variety of jobs- with the same employer. I have been an office assistant, a security guard, a jail guard, a pipe fitter, a sheet metal worker, a drug and alcohol programs advisor, a technical publications librarian, a safety person, a supply order person, a training person, an apprentice, a welder, a weld production supervisor, a cry baby, a complainer, an "Are you f-n serious?" person....  Then at 38, I retired... so I guess that's about right, a person does change careers an average of 10 times (or more) even if cry baby, complainer, and questioner aren't really occupations- although, they should be or at least I should have gotten paid for it as much as I participated in them.

Now that I am 40, I should have already mapped out the wheres and whats of life, especially since I had it all figured out at FlirTy 30 .  I'm thinking, does every FabuLOUs 40 woman out there have it figured out or do they just look like they have it all figured out? Maybe they secretly wish to change some or ALL of the things that are currently working for them at this stage.  Change is not easy when you have worked hard to accomplish things you wanted in life at 20 or 30..  You know what, this 40 thing can't be all that stressful, the right job, with education, will come... my house will one day have the long lived in look that I want it to have, my friends and I will continue to talk whether it's via email, txt, fb, or phone... You know, maybe I'm over analysing this whole 40 thing, I should probably sit back and enjoy the things that I have accomplished, and look forward to the things to come...  Be thankful for the friends that surround me, my health, the sons that love me and keep me young with jokes, hugs, and funny conversations and the husband that loves me and all the flaws that come with me.. 


I'm 40!!

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