Friday, November 26, 2010


craigslist has become my new best friend for selling items that have been lounging around in my closet taking up useful realestate.  From time to time I like to browse the sale section.. you know... just to see what's there~ not that I should buy anything since i AM trying to sell all the extra stuff hanging out but, I came across an item that caught my eye, not because I wanted it, because of how it was written.  All the entry had on it was: 


Now, me being the person I am, I thought~ underwear huh... why would anyone sell underware on here? I'm nosey and want to know what kind of underwear are these people selling, lingere? vintage? one of a kind? hard to find? then I looked to see it maybe this was dealer, they sell lots of stuff on here in bulk~ I open it up to see the post, this is what was posted:

Hello I am a 23 year old 150 lb stud. My wife is a 130 lb 24 year old temptress. We are interested in selling used or fragrant underwear. Price is upon condition. Payment is either mailed or paypal. We are both in shape and very eager to do this if interested please write.

Seriously... I'm not making this up... this is what was written... I read it to my husband who was not the least surprised, he also added "that's nothing, there is some crazy stuff written on craigslist"  Maybe that would explain why he refused to let me sell anything that requires anyone to come to the house for pick up~ makes sence but not matter what~ THAT is some crazy stuff to post!

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