Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The letter

I got a letter from a friend today, at first it seemed odd, I mean, who writes anymore with email, texting, skype, etc...  the letter was short with things she had to say like, Hello... how are you doing... hope all is well... I miss our conversations... small talk about God... family is fine... life is good... that's all for today...

I read it again, and then one more time. I looked at the card, and then I looked again noticing the details on the card, it's a place I think we have both visited at one time or another: Paris... The Eiffle Tower, La Porte Saint-Martin, faded postage stamps, a quote from Saint Augustine, washed out vines and leaves, it had a vintage feel (so Sam... artistic, smart, and always thoughtful..).

I thought about the time it took to sit down and actually WRITE the note, looked at how neat the penmenship was, and then I smiled.  my friend didn't just "think of me today", my friend really "thought" about me today, and it felt good!  Good to know that even though we are many miles apart, my friend treasures each friendship enough to not just text or email, but actually take the time to write.  and once again, it makes me smile.  Makes me realize that no matter what's available out there (text, FB, email, phone, etc) that to truly let someone know you value their friendship and to let them know they are being thought about. one should take the time to sit down, and get back to the basics.... write a letter, even if it just says "Hello, I thought about you today"

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Sam I am said...

You made me cry. You are truly missed.