Saturday, November 27, 2010

I did black friday....

about 7 years ago... haven't participated since.  I was on vacation in Kentucky and got a call from my cousin Kat, although I didn't need anything I told her I would go with her to help her out.  My job was to wait by a section of papered covered boxes and get what ever was under them (I'm still trying to figure out how she knew what was under that brown colored paper) It was early in the morning and the parking lot was full, we got in line, when the doors opened she stirred me to where I needed to be and said "don't move" (I didn't) while I waited for someone to come take down the brown paper, a woman with a small box walked over and said "do you need any of these? two is the limit"  I looked in the box and there were hand held Nintindo games, I didn't need any but said "I'll take two" and I got 2 black ones $78 bucks each... put them in my basket and turned back to wait for WHOEVER was suppose to meet my by the boxes.  As people scurried around me (probably wondering what the heck I was doing) I waited... OOO! a 20 pack assortment of make up brushes for 5 bucks! These will work great for secret santa at the inlaws!!! grab one back to my cart... Really??? throw blankets!  We can always use these around the house! (grab 4 in different colors) back to the basket... Finally!  some one is at the brown paper covered area, I asked "hey, can I get what ever is under here so I can go home?" she says "Kat's cousin huh~" I reply "yea"  she rips off the paper and there are huge battery operated trucks I don't even know the price of them, I think the biggest question is where the heck is she going to put it? we came here in a car! a guy comes over and helps me lay it ON TOP of my basket.... my cousin Kat shows up with a basket full of items and I'm still wondering where she plans to put all of this stuff, the store is crowded, I'm agitated because people are bumping into me and not saying excuse me, one person complains that I am in her way even though she sees me standing behind a line of people, I'm over it, need a cup of coffee, and I am still wondering where the heck all this stuff is going to go...  We pay, her mom shows up for the big stuff, she drops me off at my moms house, I crawl back into bed with hubby.... He asked "how was it?" I tell him "never again"

7 years later, I wake up on black friday, roll over and ask hubby "you want to go shopping?"  he looks me in the eye and asks "are you on crack?"

(pic courtesy of Gear Diary)

Friday, November 26, 2010

funniest thing I've heard today....

 "When did you learn how to use photoshop? Shrinking your body to make it look like you have a big head"

(a conversation between a big brother and younger brother about a picture young brother posted on FB)


craigslist has become my new best friend for selling items that have been lounging around in my closet taking up useful realestate.  From time to time I like to browse the sale section.. you know... just to see what's there~ not that I should buy anything since i AM trying to sell all the extra stuff hanging out but, I came across an item that caught my eye, not because I wanted it, because of how it was written.  All the entry had on it was: 


Now, me being the person I am, I thought~ underwear huh... why would anyone sell underware on here? I'm nosey and want to know what kind of underwear are these people selling, lingere? vintage? one of a kind? hard to find? then I looked to see it maybe this was dealer, they sell lots of stuff on here in bulk~ I open it up to see the post, this is what was posted:

Hello I am a 23 year old 150 lb stud. My wife is a 130 lb 24 year old temptress. We are interested in selling used or fragrant underwear. Price is upon condition. Payment is either mailed or paypal. We are both in shape and very eager to do this if interested please write.

Seriously... I'm not making this up... this is what was written... I read it to my husband who was not the least surprised, he also added "that's nothing, there is some crazy stuff written on craigslist"  Maybe that would explain why he refused to let me sell anything that requires anyone to come to the house for pick up~ makes sence but not matter what~ THAT is some crazy stuff to post!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm thankful for

having the opportunity to hear my kids screaming and running around the hous vice the complaints from 20 something y/o's who feel the world should revolve around them despite the fact they have a job that provides them a place to stay, hot food on the table, medical, and a steady paycheck.

I'm thankful for the house that is always in need of some upgrading, repair, or decorating vise my prior living conditions that consisted of a bed called a "coffin rack" and a space shared with over 100 other females who showered IF they wanted to and argued for reasons unkown...

I'm thankful for the husband who has been super patient with the fact that I have had to spend an average of 3 years and several uncounted months deployed or just "at sea" while taking on the role of mom, dad, friend, advisor, head of household, etc... who is just as patient now that I have no job....

I'm thankful for the friends who I have lost touch with over my last 20 years away from my hometown yet, we have all reconnected and had the opportunity to see each other again after such a long period of time.  I'm thankful for the new friends I have made over the last 20 years who remind me of the good times, sad times, times we had no cares in the world...

I'm thankful for my health, my sister who I have grown closer to in the last 10 years, my closest friends Quanique, Kimy, Sam who live miles away but manage to maintain close ties to me, my close friends Chelle and Carolyn who live right down the road from me but we never see each other (haha) no matter, we text & call just to say I was thinking about you...

I'm just thankful to be home, knowing I never have to leave my family in the middle of the night to go out "to sea".... happy, smiling, thankful~

Sunday, November 21, 2010

you could get hurt....

I didn't have a nightmare when I was sleeping...
        -awesome! (high five), what did you dream about?
Tom (from Tom & Jerry) I was chasing him and he fell in a puddle
        -did you rescue him?
No, he took off running when I got close... I think Tom was chasing him
Did you dream last while you were sleeping?
What did you dream about?
        -eating icecream on a mountain with the sun beaming on my skin and the eagles were flying
You probably shouldn't eat icecream on a mountain with eagles flying around.... you could get hurt...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The letter

I got a letter from a friend today, at first it seemed odd, I mean, who writes anymore with email, texting, skype, etc...  the letter was short with things she had to say like, Hello... how are you doing... hope all is well... I miss our conversations... small talk about God... family is fine... life is good... that's all for today...

I read it again, and then one more time. I looked at the card, and then I looked again noticing the details on the card, it's a place I think we have both visited at one time or another: Paris... The Eiffle Tower, La Porte Saint-Martin, faded postage stamps, a quote from Saint Augustine, washed out vines and leaves, it had a vintage feel (so Sam... artistic, smart, and always thoughtful..).

I thought about the time it took to sit down and actually WRITE the note, looked at how neat the penmenship was, and then I smiled.  my friend didn't just "think of me today", my friend really "thought" about me today, and it felt good!  Good to know that even though we are many miles apart, my friend treasures each friendship enough to not just text or email, but actually take the time to write.  and once again, it makes me smile.  Makes me realize that no matter what's available out there (text, FB, email, phone, etc) that to truly let someone know you value their friendship and to let them know they are being thought about. one should take the time to sit down, and get back to the basics.... write a letter, even if it just says "Hello, I thought about you today"