Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's about 5 pm in my part of the world....

It's taken about 30 minutes but I finally got my 5 y/o dressed and ready for his baseball game, as I rush him out the door and into the car I see my next door neighbor heading out the door with her kid trailing close behind in a karate outfit and dragging his yellow belt behind him, we wave and hop in our cars for the next shift of our day. As I drive through the neighborhood I see other moms like my neighbor and I except they are scooting ballerinas and soccer players out of the door. Although I'm not a working mom at this time I have found taking care of a house and an active 5 y/o to be challenging, tiring, and a bit mind boggling. I can't imagine having a job, rushing through tunnels, traffic, and crazy drivers hoping to make it home in time to dress a restless kid in hopes of making the 5:30 game on time. I never realized the number if moms who do what's necessary to keep their kids active and happy... Way to go Moms! The last shift is right after the game!

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