Sunday, August 29, 2010

I do not know....

ANYTHING about New York.. Although I have lived in Virginia for a little over 12 years, I have not once thought about taking a trip to The Big Apple. We landed at Laguardia around 10:00 am, there are 4 other girls who are flying in from two other locations... Little did Angela and I know, the airport is a bit further apart than we thought! Thank goodness cousin Ree was in constant contact with Angela, we found she was in a completely different area of the airport. An hour later she was standing next to us waiting for the last three cousins to arrive. After a "minor" delay, cousins 4,5,& 6 arrive. We boarded a shuttle and herded to midtown only AFTER a guy expressed how unhappy he was that he could not let his suitcase sit in the seat next to him and that he had to put it under the bus... (really???)needless to say, angry guy asked to speak to Mr Supervisor who didn't give a crap about any guys complaint and told him he could either comply or get off of the bus~ 30 minutes later we are checking into our hotel room in downtown Manhattan. Now to unpack and see what's going on in the Big Apple.

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