Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Visit from the tooth fairy (or just mom the goofball?)

I don't ever remember telling 15 y/o there was a tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, etc... but when 5 y/o had to have another tooth taken out because of a small bump that worried the crap out of me (first was impacted after a fall at 2~ then pulled...), the dentist office INTRODUCED him to the toothfairy, who appeared on a small mirror, on the way out of the door to the waiting room.  She kindly told 5 y/o "Congrats on a great job getting your tooth pulled!  if you place your tooth under your pillow I (tooth fairy) will visit you and leave you a suprise!" there was more said but I was stuck on "leave you a surprise..."


from 1246pm until bedtime (9pm) the only conversation from 5 y/o was "has the tooth fairy come yet? we have to check under my pillow! tooth fairy, tooth fairy, tooth fairy"  (thanks dental office associates and your introduction to the ever so bubbly tooth fairy)  I will admit, bath and bedtime was alot easier than normal, 5 y/o could not wait to get into bed and see what would appear under his pillow.

As hubby and I are winding down for the night, I remembered "tooth fairy" and asked "sweetie, do you have a dollar?" he says "no, i don't carry cash anymore" (neither do I....) Great, now I get to be fired from the job as tooth fairy.  I look in my purse, and then I looked in another purse where I found $5... wow~ the tooth fairy is carrying a big bill for such a small tooth! 

Before we turn in for the night, I grab Tinker Bell (don't ask!), my camera, and the 5 bucks I found in my purse and headed to 5 y/o's room..... 

The next morning I heard little feet running from my room to his room, and back to my room with 5 y/o waking me saying "mommy! mommy! the tooth fairy gave me 5 dollars!!!"  I guess playing tooth fairy isn't such a bad job after all (orrrr, I'm just a goofy lady...)

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laurel said...

How creative and fun. Great pictures.