Wednesday, May 19, 2010


aS I was reading this months subscription of House Beautiful (even though my house isn't...) I came across June's "The Best" section.  below the shoe bag with the word "Stilettos" and a picture of a single red stiletto..... and above a cool looking crochet basket made from high tech neoprene was a simple box, the size of a business card, the description was written as:

"Send a messsage without saying a word.  Simply pass out 'Stop Talking' cards to the chatterboxes and motormouths in your life..."

I immediately laughed and thought of hubby, this has been a catch pharse of his for some time now.  Any time i go on a rampage of "we should do this..." or "why did you..." or just plain everyday babbling, he calmly catches me mid sentence with "stop talking"... nothing more, no reasons why, nothing... Just good ole "Stop Talking".  Lucky for me I am not the only person who gets to hear his always popular phrase, just sucks that he didn't think of marketing such a catchy phrase on a simple card (sold for a super low $10 for a set of 25 cards on

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