Sunday, May 16, 2010

mom's don't use clay mask!

in our beauty obsessed society, it's easy for one to become somewhat preoccupied about what their hair looks like, who their jeans are made by, what type of makeup (and how much) to apply, how many hours a day should be spent at the gym... I could go on for ever.  I don't consider myself obsessed with much when it comes to beauty and fashion... I don't care if my jeans are not name brand, I drink lots of water because it taste good to me when its super cold, I visit the gym at least 4-5 times a week, not to have a hard body but, to have a happy heart! I don't wear make up~ does lip gloss/stick count as make up? and I do take the time to do a clay mask at least once a week, not to rid myself of wrinkles or make my skin super tight, but to help clean and minimize the pores that dominate my nose and areas under my eyes. 
applying a clay mask has been my routine for about 10 years now so I found it funny that when I put on my mask 5 y/o looked at me and said "mommy, you look funny!" (laughed) and ran out of the room.  I figured I'd unload the dish washer while it dried, 15 y/o walks in the room, gives me the stink eye (& nose) and says, "what's that crap on your face" I explain, he shakes his head, and goes back to lock himself in his room.  Hubby comes in, stops in his tracks with a questioning look and says, "what's the deal babe" I tell him clay mask, been doing it for years, blah, blah, blah.  he walks up to me tries to wipe it off, expresses he does not like it (as if I plan to wear this out to dinner or shopping) keeps asking "when are you taking that off?" and then says "can you please take that off it's distracting me..."
I'm not sure if I've always done this with no one around or what the deal is but the men that I take care of daily seem to find it odd that not only am I a woman, but I actually use cleansing products for my face... odd 

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