Saturday, April 24, 2010

SkInnY jeaNs

"SkInnY jeaNs"
I suggested "SkInnY jeaNs"
you said "they are for girls"
I suggested you try them
you said "no way"
We walked in to Gap
You ask "why?"
I said they won't fit like "SkInnY jeaNs" on your SkInnY behind"
You said "they are for girls"
I said "try them on"
you said "if I try them, will you leave me alone?"
I said "take the jeans and come out when they are on"
you took for ever, we waited for your return

you came out of the room, tried hard not to smile,

turned around a few times and said "their not that bad"

I thought you said "SkInnY jeaNs were for girls"

you said "skateboarders wear 'em too..."

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