Thursday, April 8, 2010

chair covered fun!

I got a call from a friend a few weeks ago about reupholstering some chairs... I couldn't return the call at the time (I had no voice from when I was sick...)  We finally met for a morning walk this past Saturday and she told me that when she went to clean her tan colored chairs, she picked up a bleach cleaner vice a fabric cleaner to do the job... end result... faded and bleached spots on tan chairs so, we decided to recover the chairs on Monday~ 

Our first trip was to the fabric store, I don't know what the deal is with fabric stores but, everytime I go into one I find myself drawn into a world of color, patterns, textures, and buttons... (yea I said it... buttons!)  I can spend hours in a fabric store... I own a sewing machine, it's seen more name tags and rating badges than pillows and window coverings...  I have told myself on several occasions that I should take a sewing lesson so that I can learn to make my own shirts (that would be nice... custom made by me... I like that thought)  Okay, back to the chairs... 

So, when we got to the fabric store, they had a 40% sale going (awesome), my friend picked out a beautiful red suede fabric and we headed back to her house to reupholster her chairs... this usually entails redoing the stuffing, springs, cushions, and covering fabric for a piece of furniture, we were working on kitchen chairs that were like new and didn't require us to add any new batting which made the job alot easier.  It has been over 6 years since I last reupholstered my first chair (pictured below)  I had purchased 6 of these at the local thrift store when we first brought or house.  I wanted to do something different and colorful around my table so I stripped, painted and recovered each chair in a different pattern and fabric. I now have 2 of them left, sold the other 4 at my first ever yard sale... who knew??

The first chair took about 30 or more minutes, I was super picky about having crinkled edges on the chairs which made the process a bit longer than expected, once the first one was done, it was smooth sailing.  We were able to get 4 chairs completed before I had to head out the door to pick up 4 y/o.  My friend finished the last two, she was a bit nervous but as always, she came out on top!   

(Before and after chairs Pictured below)

It was great working and talking with my friend, not to mention seeing how a change of color can spice up a space at such a small cost! 

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