Sunday, March 21, 2010

The weather

was super nice today, so 4 y/o asked if we could have a picnic we packed a blanket, stopped by subway (I know, (so I cheated on the lunch packing part..) we went over to the base, right next to the water.  4 y/o decided it was a better idea to throw rocks vice eat lunch so, we threw rocks.  I tried to convince him the black stones were bird poop but he didn't believe me (thank goodness for wipes, bottled water, and hand sanitizer!) 
After lunch he asked could we go to the "secret" park (aka the park at the community center)  he calls it a secret park because we have to drive down the treelined road to get there, I guess it gives the park a secret feel... the mind of a 4 y/o..  Anywho, we ended the day weeding the area in front of the house and picking out the roots in the "soon to be" garden area in the back of the house.  Overall, today was a great sunny day~  Welcome back Spring!  I have missed you so very much...

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