Wednesday, March 17, 2010


There hasn't been much going on in my world lately, actually been pretty slow and quiet.  I'm still on the search for the job that will not require me to dress in leathers, not hot/sexy leathers but, hot WORK leathers, wear a helmet, and weld non stop on pieces of metal that don't resemble art of any kind at the end of the day... but it is funtional~  I didn't win my dream home from HGTV or the lottery so, things are still calm in my little world..

Hubby decided he wanted to plant a garden.... this means I will plant the garden, he will do the hard part.. and he did, woke up bright and early (woke me up to) we rode to the garden store brought lime, black Kow manure, and soil... came home pulled out the tiller and he went to work.  The rest of course will be on me, he'll let me know what he wants to plant, I'll either buy the plants or start the seeding (late), I'll do the weeding, the watching, the watering... He thinks HE wants a garden but I know who will end up doing a great deal of the growing.... hmmmm... so... we started a garden, just waiting for the last frost before the planting begins.
15 y/o still thinks the world revolves around him... 4 y/o is getting that way too, he actually gave me a list of items he HAD to have since I got 15 y/o a phone... hmmmm, where do 4 y/o's get this stuff from? (probably big brothers..)
My blackberry is still acting up :-(  After updating my blackberry a few weeks ago (and loosing everything important due to NOT backing up my stuff) my blackberry is lagging and works when it wants to work.  this is a real inconvienience when i need a number in a hurry!
I'm sooo ready to get back to work, I don't miss the military, but I do miss the day to day "suprises" that arised with every "we need it done by yesterday..." request.  I have pulled my oils out again and thought about painting but it seems there isn't enough time in the day when you have a demanding 4 y/o and dinner needs to be on the table by 6 to keep all happy, but it's worth it to know hubby is happy and enjoying the fact that I am home for good (warm smiles)  It's good to be home, great to be mom, even better to be wife~

15 y/o still thinks the world revolves around him and 4 y/o is starting to act the same way. 

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