Friday, March 26, 2010

Red Shoes

I've somewhat started my spring cleaning... every day I take about an hour of time to rummage through my closet and decided what can be taken out and dropped by my local thrift store... Unfortunately, I'm finding it hard to part with my clothes.  In my mind, the clothing that doesn't fit~ will fit again if I continue to work out.  The ones that still have tags on them~  I'll wear them (one day).  The really cute tank tops I wore when my arms were cut~ one day I will start lifting weights again!  Let's face it, it's hard getting rid of clothing you can no longer fit or those articles that were "oh so cute" when you bought them or my favorite.. those clothes and other items you don't even remember buying!  Like these red shoes...
I don't even remember buying them.  As a matter of fact, they weren't even in my closet.  They were in the very top of hubby's closet along with 4 other pair of shoes... STILL IN THE BOXES, IN THE PLASTIC, WITH THE SHOE HORN AND PAPER INSIDE OF THEM!  hmmmm, what does this say??? They have probably been there for at least 3 years considering, I haven't been home in the last 3 years to enjoy wearing anything other than work boots, tennis shoes and flip-flops (navy showers are ughh!).  As I opened each box, I found myself asking the same question... "what was I thinking when I bought these?" that was until I opened the last box... The RED shoes!  still not sure what I was thinking (buying red shoes and all) but one thing is for sure~ I don't want to get rid of them...  I want to keep them!  I want to keep them so much, I put them on.... So I did... I put them on and I walked... 

I walked up and down the hallway in my new red shoes.  I even put on a red shirt to match them!  I washed dishes in them, put a load of laundry in the machine while I wore them, turned on some music to dance in them, I even went outside in the rain to check the mail in them (although that was a dumb idea, my socks got wet)...
I dried them off with a smile and looked for a dry pair of socks so that I could put them back on, and then I walked around the house in them... again... just to make sure I didn't want to get rid of them.
I sat down in front of the t.v with my feet kicked up on the coffee table and watched First Time Design in them.  I wiggled my toes in them, flipped them on and off my feet, looked at them, tightened and untightened the nifty little fob on the front of them.  Thought they matched my red shirt perfectly. Wondered how many more red shirts I owned so I could plan to wear them again when it wasn't raining. 
Wondered if I was drunk, depressed, or feeling quirky the day that I bought them, tried to figure out why the person who made them added a clear sole instead of black or red one.  Put together a small table for my laptop in them, looked at them again, walked around the house again...
 Thought to myself, "these are pretty darn comfortable!" and "the more I wear these, the more I want to keep them" and "oh yea~ these are definately staying!"  then I got my camera out and took pictures of them, wore them to my laptop and blogged about them, got 4 y/o a snack in them, and then kicked them in front of the fireplace so that I could lay on the couch and take a nap (not a good idea to nap in them...)
 You know what's even crazier about these red shoe????

(stop laughing!!!)
(I found these guys hiding under my bed 8-)

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