Monday, March 29, 2010


sO, this one is for my friend who recently made a move to AnoTher big city.  She posted on FB that it has been raining non-stop in her new city, I posted back "rainboots are stylish now adays" and figured, why not just ShoW how stylish they have become!  I own two pair of rainboots, ones I wear for rainy days and ones I wear when I have to trample the mud in the back yard (for what ever reason).  
These nifty welLieS (aka "rain" boots) range from $15 to ... alOt! depends on your style, taste, name of the boot, etc... Although I love the name brand boots (and will own a pair once I get over my frugal spending habits...) I currently own two pair of 30 dOllaR totes~ name brand rainboots are not readily available in my area and for me, purchasing online is not an option~ I hAve to try on every single shoe before I buy (I do not enjoy sending items back because they don't fit...)  Now keep in mind-  the price of the boots will vary depending on where you purchase them.  You can find some pretty awesome deals if you take the time to do your online research.  Going store to store will take a bit more time (& gAs) but in store shopping gives you the opportunity to try on the boots and get a good idea of how they look and feel before you buy them! so... do your research to find the best price!!  With the rainy season right ahead, these D&G wellies (above) have been on my list for about 3 months now... cost... $399.99...

If you prefer a high boot~ this nifty little number by Prada will run you about $1350.00...
(yea, you read it right! $1350.00!)

Burberry had the most styles (that I liked... in a.. somewhat.. reasonable price range) so I posted about 4 different styles of their boots ranging from $140 to $325...  This style is $170.00

Burberry check rain boots go for about $140.00...

Burberry Lace-up Wellington boots.... $325.00...

Burberry (again...) $275.00

How about Gucci's Prato flat rain boot in black and gray? it'll only cost about $325.99!

These pretty brights are by Chloe, they'll cost you about $199.00 (I love these!)

The Chooka Croco with the dual buckle cost around 70 dollars.

For a style a bit more quirky and fun I found these Diesel Gummy W-10's for about $70.00

Another fun friendly style, the Ed Hardy Seattle Boot ($99.00)

Michael Kors Stormy rain boots (about $125.00) also come in black!

this Michael Kors rain boot runs for about $98.00

Sperry Top-Sider low rainboot is $65.00

Marc Jacobs about $109.00

 the Kate Spade Randi goes for about $125.00

Gabriella Rocha (58 bucks!)

Marc Jacobs about $304.00

check out these hip Sperry Top-Siders that go for about $175.00...

 another Marc Jacob about $213.00...

This Nomad is about 56 bucks... I love the cowboy boot style of this one.. (ANd it's cHeaP 8-)
Now you can enjoy your walk in the rain AND be stylish at the same time!

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