Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gift Basket Designs by Cynthia.....

is official!  I'm still working on the permit to sell wine in the baskets but the basics are done.  Since starting, I have been lucky to have a few people I know request my services (and I hope they come back.... or spread the word...) I am also working on marketing myself to bring in more customers (marketing is alot more work than I thought it to be).  There is alot to learn and do when one starts their own business, especially a business that starts from a hobby you enjoy. 

At best, I plan to continue learning, networking, and surrounding myself with other women who have gone into business for themselves.  Finding a womens small business association or gift basket association is proving to be somewhat of a challenge, the cost to join many are much higher than I anticipated.  Don't get me started on the cost for building a decent web site!  As I continue to work out the start-up cost, I am finding fees for an SBA can be a bit overwhelming, but support and advice is what is needed so I have to make a way to include the cost into the start-up of the venture.  Did I mention insurance??? well, I can't really complain about that cost are not as hight as I thought they would be.. better safe than sorry~

I've done (and continue to do..) alot of reading and searching which has helped make this journey a bit more calming than I thought it would be.... odd...  I have to admit I save lots of money in my local library! the cost of books on giftbaskets, starting business, marketing ets... is NOTHING!  With me not having a job one would think I would be stressing out over everything that comes with starting a business... I think its safe to say my stress level is pretty low.  Mainly because my husband supports my ideas 100%, when ever I complete a basket, he is like my cheerleader who always sends words of "that looks great" or "wow, baby.... really~ wow"  his small words of encouragement make me think, "I can do this!"  This makes me love him so much more 8-)  I not quite the professional (yet) but the more I design and work... the better I will get!
As always, I continue to send gifts to my friends with upcoming ocassions that are special to us all, but I am happy to say once again....

and I wanted to share my new venture with you all!

"Diaper Cake Design "
"Diaper Cake Design"
"Thank you"

Shown above are a few samples of my favorites.
Diaper cakes; baby shower; spa; thank you; executive....
"Baskets designed with you in mind"
Tell me what you have in mind, and I'll make it reality!

I'm excited.....

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