Wednesday, March 31, 2010


4 y/o asked for a birdhouse a few weeks ago.... I finally got one (thanks to 14 y/o reminding me while we were at Michael's yesterday)  they had an assortment of houses all for 5 dollars.  So many options it was hard to decide which to buy~ they had castles, boats, masions, tri-levels, bi-levels, you name it they had it.  I decided that I would get a basic birdhouse that he could paint any color he liked.

From the mixture of colors stored in my craft case, 4 y/o decided these 8 colors would work for his birdhouse...  He put on an old shirt, a different pair of shoes, and sat on his step to get to work.

He decided to start with orange, and then decided orange was not going to work so.... he switched to blue.
He liked the blue so much he asked me to move the other colors off of his work table so that he could finish painting his birdhouse.

so, under the table the other cups of paint went so 4 y/o could continued painting his birdhouse... blue.

Ta-daaaa! a beautiful blue bird house! what did we do with the other color paints you ask???

He poured all of the colors onto an extra canvas I had in the closet and made a one of a kind "Colors" print just for me! 
I love this warm weather we are having, it keeps 4 y/o occupied without a though of the television...  He loves to be outside, into everything!  it wears me out but he falls right to sleep after bathtime now so I can deal with it...  Hurry up spring and summer!~  We are waiting for your return!


A Heron's View said...

A very good job he did with painting that bird house and I particularly like his painting, it's brilliant what he has done!

Your son has an artistic streak.

If ever you get bored with it please send it to me? As I would love to hang it on one of my walls.

GRLzair said...

Thank you, I would be glad to send it once we rotate the art in his room! 8-)