Wednesday, March 31, 2010


4 y/o asked for a birdhouse a few weeks ago.... I finally got one (thanks to 14 y/o reminding me while we were at Michael's yesterday)  they had an assortment of houses all for 5 dollars.  So many options it was hard to decide which to buy~ they had castles, boats, masions, tri-levels, bi-levels, you name it they had it.  I decided that I would get a basic birdhouse that he could paint any color he liked.

From the mixture of colors stored in my craft case, 4 y/o decided these 8 colors would work for his birdhouse...  He put on an old shirt, a different pair of shoes, and sat on his step to get to work.

He decided to start with orange, and then decided orange was not going to work so.... he switched to blue.
He liked the blue so much he asked me to move the other colors off of his work table so that he could finish painting his birdhouse.

so, under the table the other cups of paint went so 4 y/o could continued painting his birdhouse... blue.

Ta-daaaa! a beautiful blue bird house! what did we do with the other color paints you ask???

He poured all of the colors onto an extra canvas I had in the closet and made a one of a kind "Colors" print just for me! 
I love this warm weather we are having, it keeps 4 y/o occupied without a though of the television...  He loves to be outside, into everything!  it wears me out but he falls right to sleep after bathtime now so I can deal with it...  Hurry up spring and summer!~  We are waiting for your return!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Night at the beach

It's amazing how spending just one night away from home at the beach can bring about calm.  We woke early, did our usual weekend routine, packed up our car and headed out to LS's beach house.  It didn't matter that the weather was not hot, the wind blew strong, and the waves ran wild, it was about having a nice time surrounded by good company, family, and friends.  I'm really glad 14 y/o took his camera or I would have missed the chance to capture the beach house at it's resting point.  Before the hot weather, before the streets are full of tourist and extra cars, before the rush of the big crowds of people on the beach...

Just a calm, relaxing day that rolled into the night with music, conversation, the sound of children, and wine.



sO, this one is for my friend who recently made a move to AnoTher big city.  She posted on FB that it has been raining non-stop in her new city, I posted back "rainboots are stylish now adays" and figured, why not just ShoW how stylish they have become!  I own two pair of rainboots, ones I wear for rainy days and ones I wear when I have to trample the mud in the back yard (for what ever reason).  
These nifty welLieS (aka "rain" boots) range from $15 to ... alOt! depends on your style, taste, name of the boot, etc... Although I love the name brand boots (and will own a pair once I get over my frugal spending habits...) I currently own two pair of 30 dOllaR totes~ name brand rainboots are not readily available in my area and for me, purchasing online is not an option~ I hAve to try on every single shoe before I buy (I do not enjoy sending items back because they don't fit...)  Now keep in mind-  the price of the boots will vary depending on where you purchase them.  You can find some pretty awesome deals if you take the time to do your online research.  Going store to store will take a bit more time (& gAs) but in store shopping gives you the opportunity to try on the boots and get a good idea of how they look and feel before you buy them! so... do your research to find the best price!!  With the rainy season right ahead, these D&G wellies (above) have been on my list for about 3 months now... cost... $399.99...

If you prefer a high boot~ this nifty little number by Prada will run you about $1350.00...
(yea, you read it right! $1350.00!)

Burberry had the most styles (that I liked... in a.. somewhat.. reasonable price range) so I posted about 4 different styles of their boots ranging from $140 to $325...  This style is $170.00

Burberry check rain boots go for about $140.00...

Burberry Lace-up Wellington boots.... $325.00...

Burberry (again...) $275.00

How about Gucci's Prato flat rain boot in black and gray? it'll only cost about $325.99!

These pretty brights are by Chloe, they'll cost you about $199.00 (I love these!)

The Chooka Croco with the dual buckle cost around 70 dollars.

For a style a bit more quirky and fun I found these Diesel Gummy W-10's for about $70.00

Another fun friendly style, the Ed Hardy Seattle Boot ($99.00)

Michael Kors Stormy rain boots (about $125.00) also come in black!

this Michael Kors rain boot runs for about $98.00

Sperry Top-Sider low rainboot is $65.00

Marc Jacobs about $109.00

 the Kate Spade Randi goes for about $125.00

Gabriella Rocha (58 bucks!)

Marc Jacobs about $304.00

check out these hip Sperry Top-Siders that go for about $175.00...

 another Marc Jacob about $213.00...

This Nomad is about 56 bucks... I love the cowboy boot style of this one.. (ANd it's cHeaP 8-)
Now you can enjoy your walk in the rain AND be stylish at the same time!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Red Shoes

I've somewhat started my spring cleaning... every day I take about an hour of time to rummage through my closet and decided what can be taken out and dropped by my local thrift store... Unfortunately, I'm finding it hard to part with my clothes.  In my mind, the clothing that doesn't fit~ will fit again if I continue to work out.  The ones that still have tags on them~  I'll wear them (one day).  The really cute tank tops I wore when my arms were cut~ one day I will start lifting weights again!  Let's face it, it's hard getting rid of clothing you can no longer fit or those articles that were "oh so cute" when you bought them or my favorite.. those clothes and other items you don't even remember buying!  Like these red shoes...
I don't even remember buying them.  As a matter of fact, they weren't even in my closet.  They were in the very top of hubby's closet along with 4 other pair of shoes... STILL IN THE BOXES, IN THE PLASTIC, WITH THE SHOE HORN AND PAPER INSIDE OF THEM!  hmmmm, what does this say??? They have probably been there for at least 3 years considering, I haven't been home in the last 3 years to enjoy wearing anything other than work boots, tennis shoes and flip-flops (navy showers are ughh!).  As I opened each box, I found myself asking the same question... "what was I thinking when I bought these?" that was until I opened the last box... The RED shoes!  still not sure what I was thinking (buying red shoes and all) but one thing is for sure~ I don't want to get rid of them...  I want to keep them!  I want to keep them so much, I put them on.... So I did... I put them on and I walked... 

I walked up and down the hallway in my new red shoes.  I even put on a red shirt to match them!  I washed dishes in them, put a load of laundry in the machine while I wore them, turned on some music to dance in them, I even went outside in the rain to check the mail in them (although that was a dumb idea, my socks got wet)...
I dried them off with a smile and looked for a dry pair of socks so that I could put them back on, and then I walked around the house in them... again... just to make sure I didn't want to get rid of them.
I sat down in front of the t.v with my feet kicked up on the coffee table and watched First Time Design in them.  I wiggled my toes in them, flipped them on and off my feet, looked at them, tightened and untightened the nifty little fob on the front of them.  Thought they matched my red shirt perfectly. Wondered how many more red shirts I owned so I could plan to wear them again when it wasn't raining. 
Wondered if I was drunk, depressed, or feeling quirky the day that I bought them, tried to figure out why the person who made them added a clear sole instead of black or red one.  Put together a small table for my laptop in them, looked at them again, walked around the house again...
 Thought to myself, "these are pretty darn comfortable!" and "the more I wear these, the more I want to keep them" and "oh yea~ these are definately staying!"  then I got my camera out and took pictures of them, wore them to my laptop and blogged about them, got 4 y/o a snack in them, and then kicked them in front of the fireplace so that I could lay on the couch and take a nap (not a good idea to nap in them...)
 You know what's even crazier about these red shoe????

(stop laughing!!!)
(I found these guys hiding under my bed 8-)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The artist, I am

not....  While I was napping today, 4 y/o asked if he could have some drawing paper, color pencils, and an ink pen.  I pulled myself off of the couch to get the requested items.  He spent about 20 minutes tracing his hand in a variety of colors then pulled my throw on the floor and demanded I draw a picture of him holding a lollipop.  He stood by the couch in his best "I'm-holding-a-lollipop" pose and asked why I wasn't drawing a picture of him in his dark jeans holding his "pretend" lollipop.

I tried to explain that I was no ArtiST , and my drawings were pretty bad but he insisted... so I began my drawing of "Mr. Have What I Want eating a lollipop" (his title, edited by mom.)...

And now it hangs on his wall beside his bed...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


comes on two channels durin the day.... TWO!! What is it about this giggly yellow, sponge who enjoys annoying his neighbor Squidward with his happy mood, jelly fishing with Patrick his best friend, learning something new and interesting everytime he visits his friend Sandy who happens to be a squarrel who lives at the bottom of the ocean in Bikini Bottom in a house that is shaped like an upside down fishbowl with fresh air inside, and he loves his job at the Krusty Krab making Kraby Patties.  I've sat down to watch a few times and it seems this charater is well loved, while other cartoons show continued re-runs, it seems like there is never a moment I see the same episode of Spongebob twice!  How do I know so much about this guy?  My 4 y/o watches him on two different channels for about an hour (or more) everyday (Saturday/Sunday included), the show is actually on for about 2 hours between the two channels but I'm usually worn by the laughter and have to turn the t.v off after about 30 minutes to find some peace of mind. My husband says I let him watch to much t.v... It seemed that way today as I noticed Spongebob was showing before we left for school this morning and later this evening, it will be playiing again... on two different channels...

Hubby fails to realize 4 y/o goes to school/daycare for about 4 hours a day, comes home to help me clean, go to the park for fresh air and play, come home for writing, letter sounds and recognition, shapes, colors, and how to tie a shoe, about an hour of computer time, and my favorite... ART (although he keeps telling me art sucks...) So I guess and hour of Spongbob on two different channels is okay, I'm just confused at WHY Spongebob comes on two different channels for such a long time frame??