Sunday, February 21, 2010


It seems the more I plan to visit and post, the more I stay away~  what's that about?
I'm not even sure... I did get a few things taken care of,over the last week. I obtained my business license to officially sell gift baskets instead of just giving them away as gifts (yeah!) although I stll have alot to learn about marketing, selling, buying, etc~ 

I always thought having your own busness would be a piece of cake (like being a stay at home mom...) Once again, I am still in the dark (and I still suck as stay at home mom!)  and the job search still continues! AND, I managed to sell two baskets a day after I got my license... total made... $115 bucks plus a 10 dollar tip for delivering the baskets~ I'll just add that to my dwindling bank account for emergancies when hubby tells me I can't spend anymore money from the "joint" account.

It's bath time for little boy, hopefully it won't be a chase session to get him in the bathroom... wishful thinking, it's going to happen, it ALWAYS happens.  oh well, stay at home mom/future business woman signing off to do bath time for little boy.

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