Thursday, February 4, 2010

so tired..

It's been a super busy last few days.  I've had to do alot of running around conducting job searches, writing and re-writing resumes, I did do my first interview today, I guess it's safe to say I did well, she wants me to come back... it's in sales... I have NO experience in sales... none... nada... I keep telling my husband any job is better than no job and now I'm wondering what the heck I was thinking, sure, I can talk my but off but as for selling?  I suck, the first time someone tells me no~ I'm done talking!  I know how agitated I get when people try to persuade me to buy items I KNOW I have either no interest in... we all know those calls, during dinner, "hi my name is such and such and I wanted to ask about your water quality.... we can do a free test.... if you would liek to set up a time and date..."  and it continues even though you have told them at the beginning of the conversation that you do not want any services and it is dinner time for the family.  I understand that this is a job for many but, for me, it's a job I would last every bit of 2 seconds at!   But then again, who knows, I may take this job and be one of the top sellers of the year, I'm also keeping in mind that I can go to school at night and earn a license to change from sales rep to something like claims specialist or product manager... something different~  It's getting late, I'm really tired and 4 y/o keeps calling me and asking if I will lay next to him for a few minutes so.. I'll talk to you tomorrow~

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