Sunday, February 14, 2010

getting started

so, I made the first step in getting my business off the ground.  Did alot of reading (still reading) came up with a name that I think fits me well, gathered all the items needed for the county I live in, hopped in my car and walked in the building to complete the first step in getting myself legal.  I got about 30 minutes into the application when I asked a question that was.. well, important~

do i need a permit to sell wine in my baskets?

screeeeech~ all stop, the lady says, "I don't think so since you aren't shipping anything out of the state... let me make a call..."

YES~ I do have to have a license, soooo, I called the ABC office to get answers on how to obtain a permit (got nothing...) not one agent answered the phone.  I'm sure the front desk agent knew my voice by the time i made the 5th call... so with that said, I am on hold... just until after monday ( Feb 15th~ the city is off...)  Once I get a permit to sell the wine, the lady at the desk said to come back and I will be able to get my license the same day (yea!)  Now Tuesday needs to get here quick!!!

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