Monday, February 1, 2010

Another snow day.

After breakfast, 4 y/o made it clear he was not staying in the house today.  I convinced him to wait until around noon before we headed into the cold snow.  Thankfully, the sun made the temperature comfortable.

we threw snow balls,

took pictures of some of the things we found in the snow,

made a snow man,

and then came in for a cup of hot chocolate and warmth~  After, I cooked dinner for the guys while they worked away on the motor build (which was put on hold due to a broken "something" that was suppose to be delivered on Saturday but, could not make it due to the worst snow storm in 20 years in our area~ yea! 20 YEARS!!!)
After dinner, I answered a call from 15 y/o's school letting me know they will be staying home ANOTHER day~ bathed 4 y/o, cleaned the kids room and now I'm summing up my day... it was good (smile)

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