Saturday, January 16, 2010

working the door..

so, the bones of the project are done (with the exception of the green paint)  I got up at about 7:30 with plans to make the most of sanding the cabinets since the weather is suppose to be a nice 55 degrees.  Hubby made oatmeal and toast for breakfast, had coffee and conversation, and then I changed into my work clothes for the sanding.  ooo! Juno is on!  just started... the part where she pees on the stick.  I sit down with my coffee and start watching, 45 minutes later hubby turns to me and says "I thought you were going to sand the cabinets today..."  I get up, grab everything I need head outside.  Almost 2 hours later, 4 y/o comes outside and ask if he can blow bubbles, I tell him to get dressed and he can come out.  He comes out fully dressed, bubbles in hand, smile on his face.  Bubble time!  he gets bored after about 30 minutes goes inside to get his scooter (I keep sanding) he ask if I can move the car so he can ride in the driveway, I tell him to go tell hubby.... 4 y/o comes back out and says "daddy's sleeping, what now?  can I dig holes?"  I give him a shovel, ask him not to dig in my flower bed, he says okay.... digs in the flower bed.  There is a pile of rocks on the side of the house (not sure why) but I convince 4 y/o to shovel the small pile onto the big pile.  This seems like fun to him, he asks me to show him how, I do, he goes to work (I get back to sanding)  an hour and a half or more goes by, he comes close to me and positions his bottom on his scooter (looks uncomfortable)  I ask if he would like a chair, he says yes, i get the chair and he sits for about 10 minutes then says  "back to work"  I continue sanding.  at about 3 or so, he says he is done and ask if I can log him onto the computer, washes his hands and plays spongebob on the computer... I continue sanding.

Hubby comes outside at about 5 and says "we need to get ready to go to Lex's for dinner"  I wipe down all of my cabinets and realize that I have done all of the cabinets but one..  If I had only went outside when I originally planned I would be done by now, darn you Juno!

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